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Ahhh finally its raining!!! 
its been crazy hot in sweden these days!!!!..

and good thing with raining, i can draw with out feeling bad for not beeing out in the sun XD!!!

Insperation.. hmm

give me some insperation on what to scribble X3

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Hi Lasaro.

This may be a late suggestion, but may be you can draw on the joys of rain since you were happy they arrived.
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It's been raining quite a bit this month where I am. Of course, with all the rain the air keeps getting humid and sticky which just gets gross.
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Ja mycket ovanligt, tur att vi äntligen fick lite regn. :)
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Det var faktiskt på tiden! >.< Det har ju varit så sjukt varmt i Stockholm den senaste tiden!
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Here's hoping that it cools down soon!  Why not try drawing a little fanart?
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Ah, I envy you rain, wish it comes to Poland too, it was freaking hot yesterday, today is bit better, but still wants rain ><
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In my country was raining today too. :meow: And yesterday... wind was so strong and cut one of trees on grandparonts garden. :"D I have no idea why I am writing this. XD
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Playfully stepping in the rain puddles, you are running through a field of floating lanterns toward the double rainbow over the horizon while being accompanied by paper birds and flying whales.

Is that enough inspiration?
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Just a localized question. What is crazy hot in Sweden? I live in Texas in the U.S. and it it got to 101F yesterday.
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we dont use F XD we use C .. normally its not so hut around 20-25c on summer.. but these days its been around 25-30C and no rain for over 2 weeks.. its  not normal in sweden XD;;;; nothing compeard to texas O____o
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