Turning 26 tomorroww!

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Omg time islike running away XD!!!

tomorrow i turn 26!!!omg..soo old..
when did that happen?

must have missed it totelly XD;

wellits been allotwith the moving and new workplace and floorball training...

soon ill upload more artand such  :heart: love to you alllll
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Happy birthday!! i just checkd my notes from like 2007 in d.a and saw that i used to msg you abt background tips! THANK YOU FOR REPLYING TO THOSE HAHAHA XD
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Awwww, its not that bad... youth is not a state of body but a state of mind :)

Just look at Boredman [link] :XD:
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no matter how old you get ill always be a fan your a wonderful artist my dear and i hope to see so much more epic work in the future dunno why i thought i was older than you o.O
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Happy...erm...really belated birthday...
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happy birthday!!!!!!
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BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINA!! omg, so belated OTL i'm sorry, i turned 23 ... on the 23rd lol... and I didn't say happy birthday to you till now TT__TT!! miss you! hope you are doing well :)
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Omg...happy belate birthday...:( Sorry...><
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Grattis i efterskott! :glomp:
Hoppas du hade en awesome födelsedag!! :la:
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Sorry i missed your birthday :cry: but! Happy late birtday anyways!! :D
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Sorry it's late, but happy birthday! I hope the year ahead is full of health, happiness and success. :heart:
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Join the 26 yo club then =3
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Best wishes for upcoming years!
Happy Birthday!!
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Happy 26th Birthday*<>*
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Happy birfdaaaaaaay! I'm forty minus seven, I find the concept of age hilarious. XD I am permanently addicted to BJDs and play with Legos on occasion, who says I have to act my age? :meow:
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Happy belated birthday. hopefully you had a blast.:)
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lol. in just probably a few hours, you'll turn 26. xD

Anyway, Happy Birthday and I hope you have a wonderful day. :squee::cake:
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I turn 24 soon. I know exactly how you feel.

Happy birthday.
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happy birthday!
ha ha my 26th bday is in december :XD:
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awww lynlynlyn <3 miss you allot... oh when ever you have time wannaa paintchatt ? :D
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Dear! :tighthug: Lately I've been doing homework! Maybe during the weekend?, TT___TT Where do usually you P-chat? *O*///
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Dear! :tighthug: Lately I've been doing homework! Maybe during the weekend? TT___TT Where do usually you P-chat? *O*///
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hmmm nikos XD when i have time.. ne ne do you have time for a collab maybe? i was thinking of do more on my TATTO :D the one you colored ;D need some one to brain storm ideas with chu chu.. love you
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Yes, when both of us have time. TT___TT It's probably going to take long... Nikos! *O* That place is still alive? Haha, it's been so long!

Sure, Dear! I'd love to collab with you! :heart: Just tell me when you're usually online? *O*/// I'll make time if you can't make it on the weekend.
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