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String Of Pain

"Beyond the violent wind, even if someday the world will dissolves and disappears
the bonds that tie our hands together are so strong that they will never be apart
the sky I chose with you on that day has been dyed in new sunrise colors
that I believe I can grasp back, so let's go experience it together every time we advance
the string of pain that connects our fate"
-tetsuya Kakihara- strain of pain

program used - opencanvas 5
'random character
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captainkawaiibear's avatar
Ahhhh its so pretty!!!! Its in my favorites!!! Love it
KatieSquiggles's avatar
The coloring is so soft and so beautiful. 
I love the shading detail and the background is so nicely done. 
I really love the flowers a lot. So beautiful!
Lasaro's avatar
Thank you so much X3
it means allot to me X3
AzureRat's avatar
That is some beautiful coloring.
kitsunehoruri's avatar
Your artwork is always so pretty. Have you ever done an artbook? If not, you really should.
Lasaro's avatar
thank you for the kind Words :heart:
no i havent XD i was thinking  you know a book with "sketch" and finished produkt ? XD
kitsunehoruri's avatar
That would be nice. I've seen a lot of those by artists at conventions. They seem to sell well.
SeEun402's avatar
Love how you did the sakura.
Lasaro's avatar
Thank you so much  :heart:
CharlottaBavholm's avatar
Really really love the colour palette ^^ feels like spring!
Lasaro's avatar
Thank you so much X3 it was the idea i had :heart:
Lasaro's avatar
Thank you so much
badakbcula1's avatar
Lasaro's avatar
me to XD Before i hated pink, but now i kind of like it o_o
badakbcula1's avatar
Good for you then :)
Lasaro's avatar
TruToSelf's avatar
another beautiful piece <3
Lasaro's avatar
Thank you so much :heart:
TruToSelf's avatar
my pleasure Usagi and Ami Glomp Icon 
YuriqueS's avatar
This is really pretty~
Lasaro's avatar
thank you so much X3
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