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My desktop screenshot

HAHAHHAHA please watch the full size please
im talking with my wonderful XD isnt she lovley my seme sama XD hahahah

UVERworld is my obsession at the moment indeed :heart:___:heart:

did buy a new screen today *_____* Flatscreen "19" -drools some over it - ho ho .. the oclors is more brighter now XD;;

-wobbbles of-
ohh yeah dont fav XD;! please

I did not draw the picture the page to teh orginal artist can be found in the uppercorner :)
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A question... as the chat thingy says 'Din status inställd (a word I can't read) inte vid datorn', which is Swedish, do you know Swdish? O_O
I'm just aking this 'cause I live in Swden. Lol
lol, im sorry this isnt about your pictrus.. but OMG. your friend in your convo is SOOO FUNNYY!! HAHAHHAHAHAA!! XD lol love the emoticons she used haha. x
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nice pictures ..
EmoVampireRiska's avatar
omg its like looking at my own desktop!!!
InN0CenTW1nG5's avatar
is the avatar of []desu or the person u'r cchatting wiz Ruka 4m GazettE?
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My desktop is so blank...

I want your desktop.

in the convo window, who's
the sexyy Visual Kei star?
If you know him. :]
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Haven't we all had convos like that...

[Actually, we probably haven't XD I know I have...]
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LULS. This cracked me up. <3 Sweet.
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Were you listening to "Musou Uta" by Suara? *w*
I love that song. XDD
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hahaha that made me laugh XD
Whaaa Alice Nine~
MakiLoomis's avatar, desu<3
SkinTooTight's avatar
hahahahahahahaha that conversation made me laugh... alot.
even just reading that tiny bit :D
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hey your just like me XD i have a major UVERworld obsession
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hehehe, the smiley looks perverted :XD:
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I was kind of occupied by the.. Lesbian rape thing. >w>


Do you do commissions? If no, do you know any excellent artists who do?
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What language is that??
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The language is Swedish.
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this may be a stupid question but who drew the background because i really can't find it and it is really bugging me

Oh and the backgroung is soooo cool
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I agree...just out of curiosity T.T
dream-and-imagine-7's avatar
me too !
who drew that wallpaper ?
i mean u wrote its in the uppercorner
but i cant find it!

ur convo was hilarious tho
NikkiRowle's avatar
maybe lower corner?
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Reminds me of the time when I got my first LCD monitor. It was 19" too. : D

The colors were purdy, and the headaches from my previous monitor were gone. : D
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Would really like to see more of that conversation, haha XD The wallpaper me wants :drool:
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could you please give me a link to the background pic!
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