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Feelt like redrawing Naoki

My old character Naoki, i wanted to redraw her...
I remember drawing her when i was very depressed ... i feelt trapped and lost..
Kind of wanted to redraw her now.. when i feel happy and free from all the chains i had Before when iwas younger.
so when this pic is finished i will name it " Naoki, your finally free"
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Omg, I'm so happy to see you drawing again! You were always an inspiration to me. Much love!
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Thank you. I am happy to see my childhood art hero returning to create more to show us!
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Aww thank you so much 💕💕💕 Im on vecation this week with out a computer. But next week i Will try to redraw one of My Guycharacters 😍💕
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Oh my god, your the one who drew her before! I seen those pictures before on a old quiz when I was a kid. I fell in love with her because she mirrored the feelings I had at the time, the feeling of being trapped or alone.
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Thank you so much 💕💕 i had so hard time showing My emotions as a Young person. The only thing i Did was drawing out it all. And Im happy some one could connect to The same as me. Makes me realise i was not alone 💕💕💕💞
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We are a lot alike then. I also had a hard time, but instead of not being able to show them, it was more I showed them to easily and would get hurt because of it. 
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OMG! Lasaro you're back! I can't believe it, it's been ages... I remember you being one of the first artist I've watched on dA. Glad you didn't delete your account, because you and your art reminds me of my good old times when I was a teen. ♥
Can't wait to see more from you! *hug*
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💕💕💕thank youuuuu 💕 Im glad i Did not delete this acccount.. Its allot memories behind this account.. i Will try to draw more and upload 😍💕 thank you for remember me 💕💕💕💕
xxRisunaxx's avatar
I can't wait to see the finished product
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💕💕💕💕 thank you. I hope i can finish lines before i go on vecation 😂🙌🏻
dreaming-baka's avatar
Glad to see you back, and that you're doing well~ ^^
Lasaro's avatar
Well thank you 💕 how is it with you ? 💕
dreaming-baka's avatar
Sadly I'm not so active on DA anymore. I guess after years of doing this you start to move on x'D I should really draw more though ;v;
HimawariNoKo's avatar
I remember seeing one of your older pictures on google of Naoki and the picture I felt like I could relate to the emotions you put in. I had it as a background on my PC for the longest time. at the time I was new to the internet so I didn't know how to get a hold or search for the original artists so I am sooo glad I could finally find you on deviantart. Your pictures of Naoki bring back such nostalgia for me in a set period of my life.

I am so glad that you shed the chains and I want to compliment you on how far your art has come in time. It's still beautiful and the eye's always we're what drew me to your art.

the time I first saw your art was around 2000-2003ish :)

Keep up that amazingly beautiful art :heart: It definitely brings back fond memories :heart:
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This is one of the most powerful and heartwarming comment i ever recived. Omg thank you so much for such wonderful words. Im so happy that My art can relate to people. I had a hard time when i was younger, didnt know how to express The emotions.. So i always tried to draw them into My art. I Will save this comment and tresure it. Thank you for taking your time to share this memory with me 💕
HimawariNoKo's avatar
Not a problem dear, I am so glad that I was able to find your art again :heart:

I can relate to the pictures because as a young child I felt trapped as well.

I am high functioning autistic and have heightened senses and am Empathic, I can physically feel what emotions others are going through.
So when I saw your picture of Naoki I could definitely feel the emotions of being trapped. I created a character along the same lines.
My main OC's Katsuya, Koneko and Kain all have blue skin and some form of chastity/ trapped quality on their person.

Your art style has definitely come a long way since back then and I am so glad to see her again. I'm glad I could also have this heartwarming conversation with you as well dear.
It totally made my night as well >w<~
crazy4anime09's avatar
She looks so pretty!!! I love her pose and how you drew her hair! :love: fav ^^
Lasaro's avatar
💕💕💕 thank you Soo much 💕
crazy4anime09's avatar
You're very welcome! :tighthug: ^^
tehwatcher's avatar
1st beauitufl

2nd X3
Lasaro's avatar
💕💕💕 awww thank you so much 💕💕
tehwatcher's avatar
1st your welcome

2nd :)
Cloudia's avatar
Wow, really wow, nice job =D
Lasaro's avatar
Thank you 💕
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