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This is a common pose you can find in i think all gun animes XD;; trigun, gunslinger ergo proxy. spec used a pose as ref from that anime [link] but i soo muuch wanted to try it X3

THIS is not my character one of the few fanarts of another DA artists character o.o,
This is Demos That belongs to i prob killed Demos personality totelly ^^;:... because Demos is supose to be cool XD;;;

Ohh question.. is this pic to dark on your screen o_O. on mine its normally.:XD;; my otehr friend its like "dark cant see the bg" o_O,,...

time - a day or so??

acctualy like this pic XD;; little.. so ill print it out as a poster and have it on my wall.. o.o.. migth go well to my grey " wall" XD::: and black/white furnitures *___*

off to sleep -3 in the morning- XD

Thank you :heart:
yeah T__T sorry about teh rain 2nd time i tried doing rain XD;;;;; im such newbie T_T Thank you for the help X3
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BellLeilaelHobbyist Writer
I love this pic :D
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SpirafallProfessional Digital Artist
Years later, I come back to revisit this drawing and I still love it. I still have the file that I saved on my hard drive from 2006. I saw it again and decided to get around to saying thank you for this wonderful piece of art. I'm sure you've grown a lot since then and think this piece is pretty old, but it still looks awesome to me.
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Wow everything is black except his tie that is really great :D Love the gun
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KitsuneNekoTigiHobbyist Digital Artist
I said nothing >.>
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L-ONeillHobbyist Artist
Look's cool, nice job!
LibertyRenegade's avatar
I love the title! *hee* Did you say something? Classic. :D
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RyuuhikenHobbyist Traditional Artist
No offense but it looks like a girl.....but hey no problem here nice work XD...
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no no, i said nothing, so please don't shoot me !!
so handsome !! //>_<//
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I love the background, it's sort of... menacing.
xBloodRedRainx's avatar
Beautiful, you captured Demos very well :3 I love him, and I'm glad that there was some decent fan art out there.
Demon-in-my-Heart's avatar
Sweet! Love this. Very intimidating
xKamiNari's avatar
A common pose but pulled off really well.

This is SO GOOD. <3
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haha Demos looks BA >.<
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Azura-sanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you know that you (once again) have created a dazzling creature? *dazzled*

Why must you always be the cause of why i am dazzled. :lol:
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kika1983Professional Traditional Artist
nice forshorten:) the smoke looks good!
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eager4damnationHobbyist Traditional Artist
hott hott hott!!!!! i am totally buying this :buymyprints:
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im sorry, but i like it. >=]
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I think the rains perfect, the same as everything else in this picture. I partically love the colouring in the hair and all the shading detail.
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ladycrossHobbyist Traditional Artist
love everything...especially the smoke...Hmmm...the guy is smexy too...
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That's really cool, I like the smoke. :3

I like the rest of your art too, great stuff!
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