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Monster Hunter : Hunting time

Monster Hunter Fanart

Pencil by :iconchrislie:
Color by : me
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This is badass. Almost looks like a movie poster for a live action version
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That's an amazing art :heart:
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Wow! Now that's epic! Incredible.
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Happy Rathalos is happy.
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Greetings fellow hunter, 

This is awesome! Look out for this in the up coming official MH fan art album.

If theres any of your amazing art that you would specifically like to share then send me a PM on FB.

Good hunting.
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They must have Tamed the wyvern / dragon, yeah, that must be it..... 😱😱
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It's kind of odd that the wyvern is behind them, as it looks like he's standing WITH them, no against them. Still an awesome picture.
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Id love to have the guy on the left's weapon in the game
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You must have spent ages to do something like this! Well Done!
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This is super epic drawing yet
sadly doesn't give any monster hunter feeling...
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Awesome! Monster hunter is one of my favorite games!
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focking epic!!! i tell ya!!! <33333
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of what side its the wyvern on the background ?
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0_0 *speechless*
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omg omg YES!!! Desktop background found XD
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damn this is insane
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