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Nostalgia Collection

Captured moments of our idealistic past - our childhood seen through emotions of homesickness but also sentimental bliss.
Yearning for those moments of pure, unadulterated brilliance.


1 out of 4 entries I submitted for my final HSC body of artworks.

Working out the colours and her dress was probably the most fun I had painting this one.

Hope I get a good mark. Fingers crossed :peace:

Indefinite hrs, PS CS3, Wacom Bamboo, no refs


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Beautiful 😍👍

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The perspective on this is lovely, as are the colors. :)
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I SAW THIS! I saw this when my art class went to an art gallery to look at top-ranked HSC artworks... I can't believe I found this... yay, I finally know who did it La la la la  And I saw the others too! Congratulations three years belatedly! Clap 
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Haha, that's awesome! Thank you and goodluck to you too :iconblushthanksplz:
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Wow, no refs?! Amazing! :3
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haha, thank you, I think I should have used refs though ^^
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Thank you Mwatah :peace:
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Your veryy muchh welcoomeeee :w00t!:
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so ethereal and beautiful. I love it :heart: fantastic work!!
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Thank you very much
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awesome work! the colors are so beautiful <3
LAS-T's avatar
Thank you Fuyna
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this is really nice
LAS-T's avatar
Thank you Verma
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something is wrong with the index finger .. don't you agree?
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Yes, I agree ^_^
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Ah, childhood... A concept intangible to children and unreal to adults. The innocence, the freedom, the purity, the wonder, and even some sort of indescribable childish wisdom... All things lost to the adult mind. As hard as we try, we can never fully recapture the feeling we always took for granted until it was too late.
Nostalgia, I believe, is an emotion that will someday be the end of me.
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You and I have the same sentiments, thank you for the comment, I greatly appreciate it :heart:
Keep it real
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This is beautiful, the perspective is great =D
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Thank you for the comment :heart:
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lovely artwork! I love her dreamy expression!
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Thank you very much :heart:
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