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leopard skin for QTTabBar

Full preview [link]

This is a skin for QTTabBar - tabs in windows explorer. You can get QTTabBar here [link]
Toolbar background color is not yet implemented in the app, so its not a "full" toolbar.
3 Variations: close button on the left, on the right and blank.
Instructions and tips for editing in the zip.
Comments and questions are welcome ;)
Hope you like it...
© 2007 - 2022 larzon83
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how to put action buttons on left? :S
I'm new at QTTab
larzon83's avatar
It's only a fake image ;)
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hey man
how do u get styler to work with this?
i face problems with the back and forward buttons!
by the way nice skin.
i edited it to fit with my leopard skin :D
larzon83's avatar
thats a known issue. You can display qttabbars own back and forward-buttons on the left or the right side of the tabbar - they work, but they are vista-style :/
Just look at general tab in qttabbar prefs... ;)
I only work with double-click in the window to get one folder up ;)
hope this helps :)
anoos's avatar
yeh that left and right button is ok but it doesn't look gd
anyway thnx for the help :)
Skrell's avatar
PLEASE tell me where you got that styler skin? It's perfect for my theme!
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this is great! Great work!

Could you please make the close button work? that would be AWESOME!
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I agree with you - that would be so nice. but this is only a skin. so the "buttons" are only graphics. so this is in the hands of the developer to add this feature. I mail him my skin yesterday and ask some stuff, also that button thing. no response until now :(
mubariz's avatar
any word from the developer? about the 'close' button on the tabs?
larzon83's avatar
no sry :( he mailed me back a week ago but only answered two of my questions... :/
I send another mail, but... hes some kinda slow:P
Linwe-Limballanwe's avatar
Cool work! :D

This one actually dosn't fit too good with the Leopard WB by Blitzr, i'm working a skin for this wonderful app that fits with that WB.
larzon83's avatar
glad you like it :)
you can easily redo the gradient to fit your skin.
just look inside the readme ;)
Linwe-Limballanwe's avatar
:+fav: I faved it...

But i decided to make my own skin... actually is very easy... :D When i first downloaded ur skin at AS it didn't had the close buttons, so i make a new one close buttons (left side, taken from Safari screenshots), and make the active tab wider (no left margin), and colored it to fit Blitzr's Leopard skin.

I'm planning to release it later. Anyway, thanks, your skin is awesome :+fav: :deviation:
larzon83's avatar
thx again. I updated my skin with close buttons on the left and on the right now... ;) also taken from safari screenshot ;)
but I make them smaller because large folder titles override them. I actually tried to reduce the left margin of the active tab, but than if the active tab is the most left it doesn't look good on my skin :P
So, can't wait for your version, maybe you have ticked it out^^ ;)
Linwe-Limballanwe's avatar
You're welcome :D

BTW, I've released my skin:
[link] :deviation:

In my skin, inactive tabs are darken, just like in Safari and Leopard screenies. Hope you like it!

200px wide version! For that huge folder names!
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