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I -heart- Spain Stamp


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Trumps love

WikiLeaks reminds Trump of time he said 'I love WikiLeaks' “I love WikiLeaks,” he said at the rally. “It’s amazing how nothing is secret today when you talk about the Internet.” He (ab-)used WikiLeaks so much and often in his campaign and instead of pardoning him, now what happens?!? So much about being "thankful" "Hypocritical CIA Director Goes On Rant About Wikileaks, Free Speechfrom the doesn't-seem-to-care-much-for-either dept An interesting change of heart for Pompeo. Last year, when he was


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(CLOSEDDD) Free adoptables I guess?

Lovely Art

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Proud Slytherin. Bite me.

Really, just because I feel proud of being sorted into Slytherin doesn't mean I'm some sort of evil arsehole. In fact, I'm quite nice when you get to know me. :P Not everything in the Dark Side is evil. What I know for sure is that the so-called "Light Side" is awfully boring. Honestly.


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I -heart- Spain Stamp

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Request: We Need Humanism

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Anti-NATO Stamp

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I Don't Support Saudi Arabia

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Vintage Europe - La Grande Roue, Paris


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Whoever Made This...

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YCL 101 years of the October Revolution Version 2

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Why Punishment Fails


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Avatar: Mermaid Oyster Shell


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Slytherin Journal Skin

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Harry Potter Stamps

Um so... I have so many HP stamps that I deleted the old journal and all the HP ones are here now. Yeah. No, most of them are not Draco My other stamps: Stamp Collection


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