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Animal Emote: Jellyfish
Black and white - 35$
Colored - 5O$
b III by Laryokc IV by Laryok
(Okay, I still don't have an example.
Just imagine full'body without half of it but with hands,
I think it's not that difficult(yes or no). An example will appear here one day...)
If you don't have clothing references and you want me to design it - +20$(sorry not sorry)
f I by Laryokf III by Laryok
Two characters - double price.
Paypal, $, prepayment.
A picture will be finished in 1-14 days.

More examples

1. I want it
2. I'm fast...i think
3. I'm fair...i beleive
4. maybe u like my pics...

1. My English is bad, I don't understand you correctly sometimes
and can't explain myself 
2. I'm unstable and my 'style' too
3. I'm a jellyfish. No hands, only tentacles
4. maybe u think i'm impudent...
If you've chosen me,
Just send me a picture of your character and descriptions/suggestions/ideas
if you want something special(maybe palette, emotions, pose etc.)
Animal Emote: Jellyfish 
Q: Why so expensive you schwein
A: You know why

upd Q: custom adopts?
A: Sorry No

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TheMushroomancerProfessional General Artist
Would you consider opening your commissions again in the future? :)

And if so, may I ask which currency you take? Usd? Euro?

I hope you don't mind my enquiry, apologies if you are busy!
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Sorry for the very late reply
I'm not sure about opening commissions, probably not soon
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GinsukeHobbyist Digital Artist
would you be willing to do a fanart character?

and do you show work in progress for anything that may need to be changed along the way in the art?
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Sorry, I don't draw fanart commissions

If a customer asks
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Hi, Can i claim one slot for full body please?
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Hello, yes, note me please
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