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Cat Griffin

Cat Griffin is small (approx. 150 cm long, including tail) predator who devours mostly birds. It lives and hunts in coniferous habitats, where winters can be very cold and snowy. Cat griffin's fur and feathers have excellent protective coloring. It works very well in the woods, for cat griffin lives most of its life on the tree branches.

The name of this species comes from its long whiskers that in fact are very similar to cat's. They are very sensitive organs of touch and help the griffin find its way in the dark. Cat griffin is nocturnal, i.e. its lives mostly in the night and is adapted to night life. It has very sharp scotopic vision, keen ears and good sense of smell, which is very exceptional among griffins.

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Nice patterns :) Description is great with the picture.
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Love the colours and the concept! Very cute!
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The whiskers!!! I want one of these like... Now. Your use of the colored pencils is very nice and I really love how you draw the wings. These feel alive, and also like they could easily fit into a children's book!
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I could do some illustrating if someone else drew the backgrounds. I'm not very good at drawing backgrounds or landscapes... :no:
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aww, it just takes practice! Force yourself to try and draw a few things as beautifully as you draw your creatures :3 It'll eventually come out the way you want!!
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