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Segway Lyra and Bon Bon - PNG

Lyra on her new Segway. Bon Bon is amused :)

I was thinking of what human vehicles would fit what pony the best, and Lyra on a Segway just felt natural.

Thanks to ZuTheSkunk for giving me the extra push to make a background from scratch. ;)

Thanks to RilDraw for making a large version of Bon Bon's cutie-mark that I could replicate.

Bonus points to MisterAibo because we apparently had the same idea :D Though he was way before me…

And thank you Equestria Daily for showing this in your Drawfriend Stuff…

Wallpaper size can be found here:

Lyra's Segway is based on the real life "i2" model.…

Made in Adobe Illustrator.
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next up car hahah or a bus
BubblesThePanda221's avatar

(Only Weird Al fans will get this) :)
HailMyself's avatar
They see she rollin, they hatin. Cause she too wild and weirdo. Too wild and weirdo. Too wild and weirdo...
schneelocke's avatar
*snrk* That's wonderful.
BonBon1016's avatar
I have no idea what she is riding.
Larsurus's avatar
Here is a cheesy video that hopefully will answer your question:…

I love how the video says to wear a helmet, yet the guys in it don't :D
Chakrafox21's avatar
-Lyra-they see me rollin~ they hatin~
JasperSynth's avatar
I am speechless
Weaponlord206's avatar
Bonbon: Wow, I didn't think you can ride those things!
Lyra: It's what humans ride, isn't it?
Bonbon: I guess.
Edgeworth1001's avatar
:iconbonbonplz: What this, I don't even...
SazerLite's avatar
:music: They see me roll on, my Segway!
I know in my heart they think I'm weird n' human!
Think I'm just too weird n' human!
Think I'm just too weird n' human!
Can't you see I'm weird n' human!
Look at me I'm weird n' human! :music:
ceraperduta's avatar
lol dat weird al!!
Dante8411's avatar
"So, what is this thing for?"
"It's for riding! Humans had totally okay legs, but some of them rode these anyway because they're awesome. It's like how pegasii fly even though they can walk."
"Fluttershy doesn't fly very much."
"Bonbon, we're talking about me and my awesome thingy, here."
Punisher143's avatar
Who else but Lyra! 8D
drake-rex's avatar
Lyra on a Segway just felt natural

So true :D
thps48's avatar
WhiteEyedCat's avatar
This is so cute :aww: the background looks amazing!
ForlanceAbice1's avatar
... Eventually Bon Bon is going to try something that Lyra hasn't done yet...
I wonder what would happen if that were the case....
Rubynite's avatar
Well that's not bad. :3 And I like how this looks.
thecommonmasses's avatar
This picture is brilliant, I absolutely love it ^^
CobaltGriffin's avatar
Lyra just gets more and more awesome. You've figured out something I never thought she would do, but here it is.
DethPotato's avatar
YES! It's on Equestria Daily!!! [link]
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