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Secret fan club - Comic

By Larsurus
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Have some Wonderbolts! As far as I know these should be all of the official ones, as seen in S1E3, S1E16 and S1E26.

My first real comic.
This took some time to make and I'm quite satisfied with the outcome.
Take a minute to view this in full size because you can't see all the details while "zoomed out". (This is why I made it so big).

Oh, and we really need names for all of the Wonderbolts! [Oh wait, we do.]

Characters are partially traced. Backgrounds and props are homemade.

Made in Illustrator.

Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments :)

And thank you again EqD for accepting my stuff! Two times for this one even O_o

Extra bro-hoof to the bronies at Minecraft Forums.

Edits: I got some comments about the yellow maned one being Surprise but with the wrong eye color. So I changed it, for you!
I also resized the image to 4500px from 6000px. I guess it was a tad too big.
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© 2011 - 2020 Larsurus
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Derpy! Can I have your autograph? I wish she was real, she's so... how to put it...DERP.

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Damn right!

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Bronies in a nutshell.
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Oh, Surprise. You may have changed your mane style, but there's no hiding it's you.
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RaingThunderHobbyist Artist
Derpy Hooves
A character with no personality, is nothing more than a background character hasn't interacted with the mane 6 since season 1, doesn't even actually have an actual name, and is litterally the gets the most undeserved overrated love than any other character, and to me is the worst "character" on the show.
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I see her as a wink from the animators/creators to the fans. If we hadn't given her so much attention, she would never have left the background, so to speak. Because of us she became a reoccurring character and I think many like her because of that. You could say that we the fans created her. And she has an official name, which is Muffins apparently, but she was referred to as Derpy among other before that. Read more about her here:
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rockypawpatrolHobbyist Digital Artist
Love it
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NGBrony General Artist
ha ha, funny
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derpy best pony
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JohnnyHorseHobbyist Digital Artist
Who can't love the Derp?
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jojobrowingmanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Her Haters
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ObeliskgirljohannyStudent Digital Artist
can I have your autograph derpy!!! XD!
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jojobrowingmanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Derpy:You may.Now,what's your name?
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Nope, they just happen to look very similar.
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yea i noticed but yea
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E-guardiasHobbyist Digital Artist
oh oh oh oh, how can i join such a epic club, they are soo.... lucky.
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MichaelGS-0148Hobbyist Digital Artist
...Oookay then.
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Surprise !! Yay thankyouthankyouthakyouthankyou!
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I wish I had a secret fan club. ;(
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Fleetfoot(The one getting scolded for trying to cut in line)
Misty Fly(The one getting an autograph)
Soarin(The one wearing a shirt)
Spitfire(The one looking at Soarin)
Firestreak(The male next to Spitfire)
Blaze(The one scolding Fleetfoot)
High Winds(The one jumping with a picture in her mouth)
Lightning Streak(The one behind Misty Fly)
Sliver Lining(The one trying to get a snip of Derpy's tail)
Wave Chill(The angry looking one looking at Fleetfoot)
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Ah yes. Forgot I still had the line about that in the description. Nice that they all got names now.
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