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Running of the Leaves 2 - PNG

What if Pinke Pie decided to compete in the next years Running of the Leaves?

I had a picture in my head of Pinkie Pie with a jetpack of some sort. This is the end result.

Made in Adobe Illustrator.

Thanks to kefkafloyd for the colorguides!…

Edit: Wow! 50 favs in 24h, thanks everyone! :D

Edit 2: Repositioned their legs a bit. Gave RD a "fluffier" mane. Changed the image to PNG.
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schneelocke's avatar
I bet those jet engines have a lot of horse power. *ba-dumm-TSSH*
Persona22's avatar
Oh, yeah... only good things came come out of this...
Dowlphin's avatar
Nice leaf blower.
SomaShield's avatar
that cheating pinkie XD
ToxicHolyGrenade's avatar
It's hard to decide if she's either Chaotic, or Neutral Good.
Geminii27's avatar
Now these are the kinds of accessories which should be showing up in toy stores.
adamanquelis's avatar
- spike gime a pinkie diagnostic.....
- propulsion
- yep
- direction
- yep
- terror scream
PokeMarioFan14's avatar
My bet's on Pinkie.
RGB64's avatar
"Pinkie Pie is already disqualified!"
JustDoItMarshall's avatar
ElektroNeko's avatar
And you know what the worst part is? She's allowed to, because it isn't in the rulebook...
MasterGraveheart's avatar
Oh, c'mon, Pinkie. That's just overkill. XD

And I thought Rainbow Dash was a cheater. ^^;
XXN91's avatar
Maximum Pinkie!
TeriLasiel's avatar
You're now my favorite artist. Period.
Larsurus's avatar
ParallaxMLP's avatar
Wonder what a sonic rainboom looks like when it's made by an earth pony and a jetpack? :XD:
Larsurus's avatar
In Pinkies case... a ring of confetti and baked goods. :D
Philith's avatar
Oh Pinkie...your hair is going to get sucked into the turbines and we will have to find a new pony to embody the element of laughter.
deli73123's avatar
Hasn't anyone ever told you it's impossible to physically harm Pinkie Pie?
StardustXIII's avatar
Doesnt running of the leaves actually involve, you know... running? ;)
Larsurus's avatar
I don't make the rules :)
honest-optimist's avatar
awesome! should be a directors cut of the episode or something?
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