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Pinkie Pie on the Fly - PNG

Flying Jet Pack Pinkie Pie without background

Requested by GV-ANDROMEDA
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Pinkie, you're gonna set your tail on fire... :lol:
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Pinkie: "No silly, I used THIS!" [Produces a tub of "Chill Out's Fire-Retardant Mane Gel -- No Fire, No Frizz!"] "See? I'm prepared!"
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Are you prepared for crash landings, then? Because you're gonna hit Canterlot in about... three seconds! 
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Used and credited: Pinkie and Fluttershy Flying Coaster Ride by 4-Chap
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Pinkie meets SCIENCE!!!!
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Which program You used to create this image?
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Adobe Illustrator
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used here:…
Thanks a lot! Great idea!
(Best leaf blower ever!)
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Can i use this?
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:iconpinkiepiesmile: *flies by Rainbow Dash*
:icondashnoesplz: Wha....?
:icontwilightsparkleplz: PINKIE GET OFF MY JET PACK!
:icondashnoesplz: Wha...? Y-your jet pack?
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I've seen this used in a youtube video before, just cant remember which one exactly :/ any clue?
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Best picture is best.
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Hey, can someone summarize what happened in the episode "Wonder bolt Academy) I don't particularity like RD TBH.
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...Dear god, this is, terrifying!
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Mother of god....what have you season 3 i wanna see pinkie like rainbow has to be done...
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Pinkie should style her mane like that more often!
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My I use this image for my video on Youtube?
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Sure, why not :)
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