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Pinkie Pie on the Fly

A really simple background image.

With Pinkie Pie.

And her jetpack.


I originally made this image as a small sig for a forum. I thought it came out quite nicely, so why not make something more out of it?

Edit: Added some jetfire and shifted her hindlegs
Edit 2: Moar power! Moar smile!
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Jamesdean1987's avatar

LOOK! Up in the sky! It a shooting star! It’s flying cotton candy! NO IT’S PINKIE PIE!

detailedatream1991's avatar

Pinkie pie won't beat Rainbow dash with jetpack.

Jesserfly's avatar
I could imagine that in the show X'DD It could end very hilariously..... but then again, Pinkie might just make confetti flutter to the ground hehe.
PunchieTheNeko's avatar
Soaring so high above the world!
Never thought I could be so free!
I'm one with the birds!
And magic is all I see!
rwa96's avatar
"Look up in the sky!"
"It's a bird!"
"It's a plane!"
"It's... a pink horse with a jetpack?!"

Pinkie Pie Smile Icon 2 :"This is the most funnest thing EVER!!"
PonyMoog203A's avatar
My Little Pony: Jet Engines are Magic o_O
Thunessey's avatar
With Pinkie, anything is possible.
tawog11's avatar
Pinkie your cleared to Land on Runway 34 Alpha Charlie 
BrutalityInc's avatar
A marvelous piece of earth-pony ingenuity and innovation, no doubt. 
Just-Call-Me-J's avatar
the best way to find any sad ponies who need to smile :)
kaka55553's avatar
whatever you do dont give her a cupcake cannon
adamanquelis's avatar
Fly me to canterlot
RainbowDashuk's avatar
Go home pinkie... your drunk...
barney-nedward's avatar
You can tell she built that herself, just like the party cannon, party wagon and that helicopter of hers. She may look like a hyperactive idiot, but she is more intelligent than she seems and is a talented inventor/innovator to boot
darth-biomech's avatar
Aww, so I was not first with this idea. Well, schnitzel.
Larsurus's avatar
All ponies need atleast one pair of jet engines!
AdmiralTigerclaw's avatar
I see the General Pienamics GP-101 Afterburning Turbofans are working nicely.

Remember, General Pienamics: "Reality can take a hike!"
JelloPonies's avatar
That image is cool, how many minutes did it take you to draw?
Larsurus's avatar
The background ain't worth mentioning. Pinkie + jetpack took a few hours.
JelloPonies's avatar
It looks so good that I get jelly
Blackrhinoranger's avatar
I was right, Technology overpowers magic.
RyuseiHikari's avatar
when i see this first thing that pops into my head is the metal version of Nyan Cat............. ME GUSTA!!!
LeeshaJoy's avatar
This could only be awesomer if it were animated.
Sean-of-WAR's avatar
First Ponyville, then the WORLD
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