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Fleur the posing pony and Rainbow Dash - PNG

Fleur the posing pony just loves to hang around, and hang on top of, other ponies.
Having the quick and elusive ponies stick around long enough for a pose is quite tricky. A little magic can solve that for you.

Edit: I have to add that I may have put a bit more symbolism into this one than all the previous ones.
Fleur is reaching for something that is just outside of her reach. It could be a dream, it could be her true love, who knows? RD just happened to be the prop in this little display of random posing drama. No shipping intended, it is all an act from Fleurs side. Though RD makes one angry looking prop.

Fleur and Twilight:
Fleur and Fluttershy:
Fleur and Applejack:
Fleur and Pinkie Pie:
Fleur and Rarity:
Fleur and Derpy:
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why is fleur holding rainbow dash by the tail?
FleurDeLis12's avatar
ToonPrincessZelda43's avatar
What is rainbow dash trying to do?!
Larsurus's avatar
Well she's unwillingly being held by the tail, so she's reaching for the cause of the problem.
XxMoonDust1xX's avatar
:iconrainbowdashplz: - WILL YOU LET THE FUCK GO OF MY TAIL!?
Vorxon503's avatar
Rainbow Dash: Don't give me that look!
doyen-sotiris's avatar
Needs one where she's acting uncouth with Apple Bloom.
McCartneyTheLion's avatar
The way they are positioned, this comes to mind.
:icontails19950silver: :iconsays3plz: It's no use, take this!
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remember...:iconshadowthehedgehogplz: + :icongunplz: = :iconrobotniknoplz:

(of cause that is my opionion)
incarnation982's avatar
If you mean Shadow the Hedgehog shouldn't have had guns, I agree. I actually find that game boring, in fact, to me it's worse than 06. Why? Because to me the worst a game can be is boring. In fact, I never play Shadow but I actually have played 06 a few times.
LTblackcoat's avatar
played and finished both (completeing both "final" storys) and in my opionion dispite being a "finished" game (I belive sega acknowages that 06 was a unfinished game (glitchy at that)) it is wosre then 06, i call it the "worse game i thought was ok" and even then final story is mess up you will hate most story "endings" and i just disagree with guns really (mechs and veiculs yes tho but then i was robnik fan in SA2 witch reminds me there is NO robotnik loyist endings (and they really should of)). frankly it was akin to giveing warluigi guns in mario. and perhapes the worst thing is that *spoilers* 06 never happened but STH is cannon...:icontwilightfacehoofplz:

I am also a silver fan and am glad that they reworked him in generasions.

in all this I whould like to say nice work.
incarnation982's avatar
Basically how I feel. I'm also a Silver fan myself (even thought his voice actor in 06 sounded so painful like all the other voices). Also in 06 when Shadow says to Mephilis "Don't bother to deceive me. I know who I am.", ironic he spent the entire time in STH trying to find out who he was.
LTblackcoat's avatar
glad you agree (sorry on the late reply) saying that i accnonage that shadows story altho a bit weird in places was attually preaty well..."bad ass" and the moves he had were interesting (but tragicaly pointless the enamys were down half way fro the combos and you still continued them in midair). it has been fun to discuss.
eligeti's avatar
I love her face <3
kiddysa-bunnpire's avatar
=*·*= That pretty puppy face!!
roulk's avatar
Dat lower lip... so d'aww
K4nK4n's avatar
Aww, sad-faced Fleur is so cute.
ardashir's avatar
Fleur looks a trifle sad. Of course, with the way Rainbow Dash is glaring at her, soon Fleur might be looking even sadder.
Larsurus's avatar
Hehe yeah, RD might not be the only multi colored pony when all this is over :)
Tifa-the-Strange's avatar
Fleur is best pony XD
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