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I'm not an original "artist".

In the case of MLP:FiM I try to mimic the animators art as close as I can. I use screenshots to redraw/trace ponies when needed and then modify or add to them to create something original (if I'm allowed to call it original). Sometimes only parts here and there.
Why? Because I'm a perfectionist and I can't draw what I consider good enough by my own. Though I am getting better and I am learning from working in this way.

While I can't claim the art to be "entirely made by me", I hope you can still enjoy it. I have no intention of stealing or taking credit for someone elses work.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Regarding requests:
Not taking any.

Thank you!

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I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR WORK!ESPECIALLY LUNA!Clapping Pony icon: Nighty Moon Princess Luna (i coming) plz Princess Luna (hmm...) plz princess Luna Princess Luna free Princess Luna icon Princess Luna (Cereal as well) PlzPrincess Luna Icon for Demiilia Nightmare Moon grin Chibi Princess Luna Icon MysterySkkullsGHOST heartl-emoticon  FB Like for MSN 
How did you make pony in armor??
Someone stole your work!

Luna In Armor   No Weapons By Larsurus-d5va00e by nightmaremoon14
your style is amazing n_n
trick question, did you make that landshark?!
Yep, made him from scratch