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Star Wars Sugar Skull

A Star Wars sugar skull tattoo design.
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An excellent tattoo design you did there. 
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Amazing. I love it.
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Wow! Beautiful design Clap 
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elmariachi5150's avatar
This is awesome. Am I allowed to get that tattooed? Really love it.
aleahprather's avatar
Would you mind if I painted this on a bikini?
larsonkilstrom's avatar
that would be awesome! send me a picture if you get a chance once its done.
aleahprather's avatar
It won't get done for a few months yet, I'm in Kuwait, but it will probably be my first project when I get home.
Sol3030's avatar
very nice, if its ok id like to use this idea for a tattoo... i'll change your design. Its just the general idea thats inspired me :)
larsonkilstrom's avatar
sure thing! i'm glad you got some inspiration from it.
yavolz's avatar
Do you mind if I do tattoo with your art?
larsonkilstrom's avatar
that's cool. i'd prefer if you changed a little something about it, because i plan to tattoo that on someone eventually. but feel free to use it!
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Very nice work!
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