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Supa Thicc Manae Cosplay Fighter Concept

Game was canned, so oh wells.

See Manae was gonna be a fighter and fight other ladies in the ring. And then bam! Boom! Canceled. Cause too much work ^_^

Oh wells. Here is a render nonetheless

You can find a not so SUPA thicc, yet thicc version of Manae in Queen's Coast Casino.
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Nice, you could make single chars for Mugen (with help of a coder) and eventually release preview betas for patreons if you wanted to go that route...anyway we need curvy fighters
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yeah i used mugen like a billion years ago. i didn't really want a fighter like that. wanted a wrestling game. someone needs to make a super modern fire pro wrestling game with higher resolution assets. or someone could port rumble roses to the PC (never going to happen)

but thanks for the thoughts.
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She looks cute and thicc in that outfit. awsome job. Clap Heart 
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Maybe Barbarian Babes Interactive might be a good way of getting a sensual female fighting game built and online? They have some fighting games and they do attract the target audience. I would love to see your game out there and working.
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never heard of thanks for the reference
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Sorry to hear about that. Now I'm curious to know what the game was going to be like...
Either way, at least she looks good.
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i had this whole GLOW game concept with 10 or so fighters made and was going to be a ton of work once I mathed out all the animations/poses and stuff. *sob* sometimes you need to tinker and try stuff to find out its really not viable on a shoe-string budget. (or if you don't want to spend 20 years working on it)

i really miss those rumble roses games. I was trying to make a bootleg turn based one with animations for the throws and grabs and stuff. but oh goodness was it going to be a beast.

thanks for viewing.
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Hmm, turn based wrestling game you say? That makes me want to think up a prototype. It wouldn't be too hard to make a game that plays better than either of the Rumble Roses, which I felt was a missed opportunity.
I do like some of the character designs from Rumble Roses though, like Reiko, Dixie, Candy Cane/Becky, and Evil Rose.
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rumble roses was clunky for sure, but we never got anything better tbh. At least nothing with such great female character customization.

i liked the idea. they had pretty thicc characters before it was a thing and it was shameless.

sadly it is really dated mechanically, and certainly had its quirks. but i liked the overall concept and for years wished I could honor it. but even a simple game ends up with so many moves. I had a flow chart in my book to think it out.

I certainly couldn't do a full action game, but I figured you could make something turn-based and it could be a lot of fun, who wouldn't like seeing the characters stuck mid-move while you thought of what to do next :)
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Yeah. I don't even know how a new entry in Rumble Roses would fare these days, given how PC our mainstream culture has become.
As for the game, maybe start with something really simple, then elaborate on it as much as you're willing to. I'd be interested to see/play it.
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Agreeing with you on the last sentence.
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