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List of Mod Compatibility to Marvel Ultimate Alliance Remastered Edition:

* Retexturing IGB with Texture Finder 2.1 & compile with skinnerui (after finding the offset from the Finder & put it on muaskinnerui.cfg via notepad)
** Some character & weapon models, even from textures folder & mannequins has the same texture but different offsets than the original PC & Xbox 360 ones
** Unfortunately for models, the program cannot find a bump related texture above DXT1, 3 & 5
** Power Icon offset format is now the same as Hud's, DXT3
*** Unfortunately like PS3 & Xbox 360 version (mostly on Hud offset format), it requires a Photoshop skill to learn how to use Alpha Channel on both hud and power icons
* Animation IGB
** Used from other previous console versions of the game, the n-space version of the sequel (MUA2), and X-Men Legends series (excluding XML2 PSP)
* Effects & its IGB from Textures
* Hex editing
** As for hex editing some models to make Arcade Android copies the playable character models: exceeding more than 1 more word of character model number (eg.: 1501 to 15010) cause crash. Requires updated Alchemy 5 patch to rename the skin file.
* XMLBCUI coding compiling program for gameplay code changes on characters & missions, such as on engb, itab, xmlb, pkgb
* PY script can still be edited via notepad
* Sounds format are different & seems becomes so much easy to edit, unlike zsmeditor. Format file is pak, inside that format file are a pack of fsb pack files, which contains mp3 files. Some program like DSSI exist, highly recommended
* Original PC version's textured IGB related like Models, Huds, Effects & Loadings, including from XML2 PC. As it turns out, these files works on RE. Meaning we can get Captain America's iconic shield fixes (only for Ultimate & Classic (shield throw), & NPC version (shield back)) & Recolorable Silver Surfer's board (through reskin on his actors costume files)
** In turn, Remastered MUA1 Models & Loadings are only usable on original MUA1 PC. Remastered Effects also works on XML2 PC, but needs to have nextgen-related texture files removed due to might cause errors. For Remastered Huds, requires transfer to remove the Alpha errors & avoid any errors on OR MUA1 PC & XML2 PC
*Requires Alchemy 5 to get Pre-Remastered console version & mesh mod IGB models & pre-July 2019 models worked on Remastered
**Recommendarion: Must be dxt-related, Poly (8000 or less) & Texture Image Size (not more than 2x1024)

* Pre-Remastered console version IGB models, including from n-space MUA2 & XML series ports. Except for original MUA1 PC version is still works there, including from XML2 PC. The only way to get it work is to be converted via Alchemy 5
* Mesh Modding usingAlchemy 2.5 version not working. Thus Alchemy 5 is required
* Sound editing isn’t ZSMEditor. Requires DSSI, which mods FMod files like FSB
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