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For PS4/PS5/X1/XSX/PC (Steam)/Switch, if Activision re-acquires Marvel license:

Both series:
*Flight, Element Slide & Teleport no longer cost powers
*Can now double jump, similar to Toad's Double Jump terminology in XML2.
*Flight characters can now flight after either double jump or air loop, as well as able to use powers in the air, similar to MUA series
*Can Double Jump Cancel during air combo
*Flip Double Jump included for agile type characters only
*Teleport can be cancelled from Double Jump
*Element Slide can be cancelled from Double Jump, and to air combo or another slide

*X-Men Legends:
-Professor X, Magneto, Bishop and Angel are now playable in all modes
--Professor X, along with Magneto can be unlocked after beating the game
--Go to Danger Room to restart missions, similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

*X-Men Legends II:
-Graphic and Models based on PC version w/ PS2 version’s qualities
-Features will be mix of PC and PSP versions, such as having the contents, which were exclusive in one of those ports
-NEW Characters: XML1 Veterans (Angel, Beast (originally n-gage exclusive)), Emma Frost, Jubilee, Psylocke); Misc. Villains (Avalanche, Blob, Marrow, Mystique)
--Reuse XML1 assets w/ additiomal updates for this game
--Angel can be unlocked after finishing Act 4
--Beast can be unlocked after beating him (as Dark Beast) and Mr. Sinister, then revive him in Act 5
--Sabertooth is locked in Act 4 and re-unlocked after beating the game
--Emma Frost is locked in Act 3 and re-unlocked after beating the game
--Marrow’s unlockable involves her and Dazzler trying to escape from brainwashed Morlocks, and can only be unlocked after being saved by them
-Adds X-Men Legends 1 Loadscreen for a missing X-Men Legends 1 veterans, Jean Grey (Phoenix) and former PC exclusives
--Fix Juggernaut’s loading screen
-Unlockable characters like Deadpool, Iron Man, Juggernaut, Scarlet Witch, Professor X have their Ultimate costumes
-Missing XML1 & unused costumes re-added
-One of Professor X's XML1 powers and costumes return, including some of the sound assets (power sounds and Xtreme voice). With Ultimate as default instead
-Iron Man, Deadpool and Marrow are classified as misc. due to none of their allegiance to with both X-Men and Brotherhood factions, but has an altered dialogues from both faction
-Special dialogues:
---Colossus: Mikhail
---Cyclops: Emma Frost (after rescueing her in first last Act 3 mission)
---Deadpool: Lady Deathstrike
---Jean Grey: Stepford Cuckoos (after Emma being kidnapped)
---Magneto: Abyss (1st battle)
---Avalanche: Pyro (after rescuing him)
---Cable: Stryfe, Deadpool
---Iron Man (new voice): Lady Deathstrike, Bastion, Garrok, Beast (revived him after defeating Sinister)
---Marrow: When she and Dazzler revealed to be ambushed by Stryfe’s brainwashed Morlock minions
---Pyro: Abyss (final battle)
---Sabretooth: Act 1 first mission, Blink, Cerci cave, Lady Deathstrike
---Scarlet Witch: Abyss (2nd battle)
---X-Man: Stepford Cuckoos (encounter in final battle), Stryfe
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