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For PS4/PS5/X1/XSX/PC (Steam)/Switch, if Activision re-acquires Marvel license:

-Uses or VVisions version
*Adds other former n-space exclusives to VVisions
-NEW Playable Characters: Bishop, Electro
-All missions from n-Space and VVisions are one
-Add Characters locked in Registration sides:
--Pro: formerly n-Space only (Ms. Marvel, Thor), formerly VVisions only (Songbird), She-Hulk (by default), Bishop (by default)
--Anti: formerly n-Space only (Daredevil, Storm), formerly VVisions only (Iron Fist), Cable (by default), Black Panther (by default)
-Re-unlocked characters:
--Black Panther & She-Hulk: Permanently locked in Act 3 until after beating the game
--Cable and Bishop: Unlocked after Act 2's first mission then locked after Act 2's second mission until unlocked after beating the game
--Iron Fist and Songbird: Unlock condition changed. Now the same as Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic, and Captain America and Luke Cage
--Daredevil, Ms. Marvel, Storm and Thor: See Iron Fist and Songbird
-Magneto can be unlocked after beating him and Quicksilver in Act 3 final mission
-New Costumes for Nanite Nick Fury: SHIELD Agent
-Adds Bios for former DLC and n-space characters, as well as moving Cable, She-Hulk, Bishop and Electro to Playable Bios section.
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