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X( Darn it! RIP😢 It was the same day where Ridwan Kamil’s son Eril was found dead. After many years of support his fight against color cancer, he still dies. That cancer is very dangerous & is said that people diagnosed with that have low rate survival. We have to be careful with our health, or else we can’t escape from crossing that fate, just like what happened to Mr. Charles Schulz (Peanuts creator) & Mr. Chadwick Boseman before it affected Mr. Kametz himself. Following this, what’s gonna happen to some other ongoing games involved Mr. Kametz’s previous roles like BBTAG? Though some (both ongoing & in development) including non-video game roles already been taken care of before his passing, like Shield Hero post-Season 1 where Stephen Fu succeeds him for the role of Iwatani.
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To overseas players who knows Akatsuki EN-Eins series via Under Night In-Birth & BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle thanks to Arc System Works, this is an updated version of the sequel to Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf. Achse, EN-Eins Perfektewelt Anastasis. Especially most of us who lives in Japan or knows how to transfer overseas money to JPY. This week is the last chance before June 6 times up everyone, we need to reach 7 million Yen Circle of the updated second game's crowdfunding to get "NEW" of Mycale included there because THIS IS IMPORTANT. It is currently 5,360,900 Yen Circle, meaning it's 1,639,100 Yen Circle left to go for that witch's "NEW Base Form"'s inclusion in that game. Official Crowdfunding: If you dunno how to transfer your overseas money to Yen, or unable to fund, please raise your voice across Fighting Game Community Social Medias, such Twitter, Eventhubs, Reddit, Facebook, .etc Below picture is Mycale in 2 different "base
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To those who recognize Akatsuki Blitzkampf in Under Night In-Birth and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, a crowdfunding for an update title of Akatsuki/En-Eins' second entry, En-Eins Perfektewelt, under tentative update title En-Eins Perfektewelt Anastasis is OPEN, Held by SUBTLE STYLE & Sponsored by KO-HATSU. First started on April 26, 2022 until June 5, 2022: Initial release: Blitzsoldier (tent. name) and his associate stage & BGM; Proper Character Arcade Storyline Fixes and Updates; New Character Arts and Redesigned UI ¥3M: Playable Valkyria ¥7M: Mycale’s new “base form”. Tentatively as “Mycale A.” ("A" could be “Anonym” (due to currently possessing Anonym Merel Lambuth's body, or “Anastasis”/Reborn) + Newer Stage and BGM to differentiate from previous “form” from ''Akatsuki''-titles, leaving her old Akatsuki-related title stage and BGM being applied to either Tempelritter or Valkyria ¥10M: Brand New Character + their stage and BGM ¥12M:
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You are influential in the best ways.

you are awesome.

do you know how i can change the npc of battride war genensis so that they are playable? on ps3

Thx, wish me well too. It’s not that taboo virus, it’s just stomachache, but still hurts.

Thank you so much for the fav