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Finally get to play in PS4, later PC.

Apparently few missing & needs some improvements (NOTE: Not complete, just doing my best I can find). Probably for Season 2 since BBCP 2.0 & BBCF 2.0:

* Noel: her Exceed Accel Move, Zero Gun: Sleipnir as a Ground QCB Super, just like ArcSys did on Azrael’s Full Spartan
* Hazama: Wind Serpent’s Fang could have been j.Reversal Action/A+D similar to Sho’s Izayoi moves
* Azrael’s Crouching moves didn’t chain combo to another? Is it always like that for him?; Similar case, his j.2D should also be j.2B as well
* Some characters (particularly from Persona) needs some better/completely different Smart Combos followups, such as Yu’s Heroic Brave. Eg:
** Jin: 2D needs to be return as 5BBBB
** Jubei: I’m not sure if his old j.B should be needed as j.A, with his j.C as j.AA + his j.2C as j.2A like Blake has
** Yu: A Smart Combo should be 5 strings, meaning has 2 last followup (4A (4AAAA/Heroic Brave B (w/out grab) > 4AAAAA/Lightning Flash), 5A (5AAAA/Heroic Brave A > 5AAAAA/Sparking Zio)
** Yosuke: 4A Smart Combo ender should be his Sukukaja Auto Combo Ender
** Chie: Since her 4A is Rapid Fire, it could have BB-styled Rapid Fire on hit 3 times, leaving her smart combos re-arranged. Her 4AA and its two later followups should be as 5A Smart Combo w/ new 2 last followups (5AAA/old 2D (spin only) > 5AAAA/old 5C), while original 5A Smart Combo should be as 4B Smart Combo
** Yukiko: Her old j.C is needed for j.B, leaving her old j.B throw should be as j.1/2/3B; Her Ultimax’s 5AA & 5AAA could have been as 4th & 5th/last followup for 4A Smart Combos
** Kanji: Since his 3rd 4A Smart Combo has him jump to the air, he should use j.D as the last/4th-string for the fast auto combo & special cancellable to air attacks.
** Naoto S.: 4A Smart Combo update on her post-3rd strings (4AAAA/P4AU 5AAA > 4AAAAA/Blight C); Needs to have her j.A to j.B chain fixed where the bug when pressing from j.A to j.B, the j.B is instead j.AA instead; j.A Smart Combo shouldn’t be Rapid Fire either
** Aigis: Need her Escape Change > P4AU 5AAAA back for this game’s 4A’s 4th & 5th strings of her instead of jumping downward two-ledged kick
** Linne: Need her UNI 5CC back as 5AAAA, as well as her UNIST’s 2AA
** Carmine: Kinda need his 6C > 3C > Launch! as 4B Smart Combo instead of Clash Assault & Partner Skill exclusives
** Orie: Her Dash B should be as 5BBBB for a knockdown pushback
** Gordeau: His UNI's 5A could have been 4A (but ala BB's Rapid Fire 3 times); His 5B Smart Combo should need some re-adjustment since Assimilation already have QCB input + A Assimilation should be also can catch juggled opponents; 5BB needs to have its charged version where it instead remained Mortal Slide on move contacts the opponent (guard or hit), with 5BBB is a Grim Reaper but only 1 spin
** Merkava: Needs to have his old 5BB back as the 2nd-string as usual, before continued to 5BBB (old 5C, & use to be 5BB) > 5BBBB (old 4C, & use to be 5BBB)
** Vatista: 5A Smart Combo needs to have her old UNI 5BB back as a charged 2nd string, while still be cancellable to the 3rd string, same goes for her old 2BB as a charged 2B, similar chase as Aigis’ ground B attack props; 5B Smart Combo’s 3rd/last string should be her Guard Cancel/Transvoranse animation for knockdown pushback props
* Nu: Her 4A should be non-Smart Combo, not to suddenly chained to 5AA
* Jubei: Even he, just like Noel don’t have QCB Distortion Skill too? Oh man, looks like he need his Exceed Accel (Miroku: Spherical Illusion) as QCB Distortion too
Yu‘s Raging Lion/j.C could have been in a same special/super cancel props as Ragna’s j.C/Belial Edge, same goes to Mika’s Crash/j.C
* Aigis: Since the Resonance Blaze has an Air Goddess’ Shield, Air Heavenly Spear should also be available; Her old P4AU 222C should be her final Clash Assault hit; Air Boost kinda need as 8 during Orgia; kinda need Orgia Back Boost as Tap 4 (3x); Orgia Boost (Parabolic) should be 9 (Up)/3 (Down); Air Boost kinda need as 2 during Orgia
* Hyde: His Pale Bringer start-up before the attack shouldn’t be updated with animation pose.
* Linne: Divine Chains start-up before the attack contact should start from Dodge animation like in UNIST, but automatically goes to Divine Chains attack contact afterwards. This will give Linne a Reversal; Need her charged Flying Swallow (a sliding tackle) back
* What would become of Waldstein's Felsen Vulf move aside being reduced into Assist only as of finalized? However, his Astral Skill voice clip on "Katastrophe!" should be on
* Carmine: I think his Launch! move should be as a D (2x), while Twist! as a QCB.
* Gordeau: Mortal Slide - Divest starting animation before the attack contact should start from his EXS gauge charge animations; Been thinking about Air Assimilation sometimes; The first part of his Round Win sprites can be reused as a standing taunt animation since he didn’t have one, some who don’t have standing taunts asides the Harvester himself, like Seth might get one if he’s announced in S2
* Vatista: Her Super (originally EX) version of Luvel Angelus starting animation before the attack contact should be like on Waldstein’s Sturmagriff Rage, even on Hazama’s Infernale Repture; Not sure if Leviosa should be added since she might be like Izanami (such as acting as a double jump replacement), but a Steam user finds out she lacks of her bomb moves (Deus Fragmentum (set) & Satelus Fragmentum (explode)) & those moves needs to be back in some other ways, like can cancel specials/EX at button release
* Yuzuriha: While in default stance, Raging Bloom startup before the attack should be like in Batou Stabce, such as entering the Batou Stance instead of Chain Shift. However, not sure if her old j.A (which is j.C) & j.2C (which is Clash Assault) should switch roles
* Gordeau, Merkava & Mika needs a new standing taunt animation. Gordeau can simply reused his round win animation, but being shorten; Merkava’s might need to have a modified version of his neutral standing stance, with his breath came out of his mouth for few seconds; Mika can simply reused her 900 animation.
* Feels like Ruby & Weiss don’t need Air Smart Combos since both shares same animations, but opposite. Means they could do Air Reverse Beat between j.A & j.B
** Also, Weiss don’t need 4A Smart Combo due to the followups also the same as 5A
** Their A Smart Combo also needs to be reduced due to the followup the last followup are reused from one of their specials, just like Persona Cast above
* Yang has a hidden j.B Smart Combo? Please remove it; The last time I saw on combo move that her j.C can still be cancelled to specials
* UNI & P4A cast’s sprite eyes during standings stance didn’t blink, meaning ArcSys & French-Bread forgot to add them. Even P4A missing standing stance’s mouth moving sprites too
* Some UNI (safe for Waldstein since he got his j.B unused, not counting Chaos’ j.2C), & RWBY cast (safe for Blake & probably Yang too) needs a better Clash Assault starter animation instead of just reused Hop Dash to Jump Attack (a so-called Assault in UNI), some like UNI cast still have unused move, eg.: Hyde’s Small Hop j.B, Linne’s Flying Swallow jump to ground 6B, Gordeau’s Small Hop Scythe Slam, Small Hop Stomp ver. of his j.C or his 6B, Orie could have been the same as Seth on Jumping Downward Axe Kick or reused 3C, Carmine's Jumping 6C (w/ his j.6B jumping then 6C), Vatista’s Small Hop Armabellum, Merkava’s Dash C (meaning his old Hop Dash can be reduced as a Jump Forward), Mika’s Small Hop Charged j.C (to differentiate from normal j.C, which is the additional effect)
* To me, I don't think I'm comfortable with Run is only press 1 Forward button instead of Double Forward. It should also have a same inputs as Simple Air Dash too, such as having A+B, means some like AigisJubei & Akihiko, might get tap Forward 3 times or A+B 2 times (Dash cancel to tap Forward twice remained the same, while gaining A+B for Dash cancel (this also means some like Linne may get one too)
* Some of the UNI Cast needs to have their official full name appear in Character Select, Official Website Bios, Gallery, In-Game Store. Eg.: Hyde Kido, Carmine Prime, Orie Ballardiae, Gordeau the Harvester, Yuzuriha Sougetsu, Bloody Chaos, Phonon the Chermeti, Mika Returna, Erika Wagner (sorry for the middle name, Miyashiro), Gaien Enkidu
* Resonance Blaze/Cross Combo should also affect Special Move changed properties, character traits & animations as well, eg.:
** Hyde has multiple Black Orbiter (Double for regular (reused 6B animation), & Triple for EX (3rd move reused 5B)), like Guile’s SFV V-Trigger I props on his Sonic Boom
** Linne has 3 times ground Sky Fang. The 3rd projectile reused from her 5B & can straight through the end
** Yosuke’s Sukukaja Aura allows him to use Sukukaja-based normals, which can also be cancellable from certain B Smart Combo strings: 4B for Anti-Air & 6B for Dash Attack (latter can also be cancelled to 4B)
** Aigis‘s Extreme Orgia Boost grants Orgia Boost an infinite gauge, allowing her to do infinite Orgia Dash Cancel

Universal Mechanics:
* Universal Passive Link/Reverse Beat (particularly non-jump-based or followup crouching moves) still on UNI cast, & it should also be applied to other non-UNI as well, alongside Jump Cancel
* Reversal Action should have been able to cancel to Distortions/Astral too, just like in P4A series (though RB Mode only as usual)
Same case, that normals/specials/EX/Distortions should cancellable to Resonance Blaze too, like in DBFZ, P4A series & post-BBCS games
* Resonance Blaze can be cancelled from normal or specials/EX like in BBCP - BBCF
* Floored Hard Knockdown should also be applied to normals & specials/EX aside Distortions

Character Themes:
* Crossing Fate each series’ versions should be default IK & same series Team-Up theme, while series’ previous latest games’ same series Team-Up (Console Opening) & IK theme as the secondary themes
** Persona cast in case are very unique, as there is 2 all Team-Up Vs., 1 is for all P4, & another is for all P3. See below
* True Blue from BBCF could have been BB v BB main team theme, & BB cast’s IK secondary theme
* RWBY cast’s themes still not looped
* P4A’s IK short theme should have been Time to Make History as well, but too as mentioned about this theme’s re-adjustment.
* Break Out Of... from Ultimax should be added since it’s about P4/P3 Team Mix Team-Up Vs. theme (can only be played if 1 or 2 Persona team(s) has both P4/P3 cast within Persona vs. Persona theme). Giving the fact since P4 Opening from OR & Golden are in for P4 v P4 Team Theme, means P3 cast given a same condition as those P4 cast (in this case, Burn My Dread, which already included)
* Some know Persona cast only Team-Up can fit well with Team BGM against non-Persona only Team: A New World of Fools (Yu/Adachi), Blood Red Moon (Yu/Sho (True ED ver.)), The Almighty (Yu/Labrys), Heartful Cry (Aigis/Labrys), Shadows of the Labyrinth (Labrys/Sho (True ED ver.))
** This should also be applied to some RWBY cast, while UNI cast already have one but still less (only Hyde & Seth, Gordeau & Chaos respectively)
* This Will be the Day should be as RWBY vs. RWBY main theme since it’s an opening instead of Red Like Roses
* Burn My Dread for physical P3 cast still not a full version, & missing S.E.E.S. logo background on BGM select. As well as missing S.E.E.S. Title Icon since P4A also involved P3 too, like the late-Shijiro Aragaki
* If Break Out of... is finally being added aside Burn My Dread above, P4 cast only themes might need background on the BGM, Pursuing the Truth is for Investigation Team only (hence to Yasogami logo), while Shadow World reused P4G official background but w/out P4G logos (only played if some P4 cast aren’t from Investigation Team)

Resonance Blaze Emblems & IK starter:
* To fit in BB-styled RB emblems, Persona & RWBY could have use their Arcana Card & Semblance emblems. While UNI cast being given brand new ones (one of them are re-illustrates from pre-existing contents)
** Persona
** UNI (Note: these are just custom mades I made)
* Persona Eye Cut-In should be when Cross Burst & Partner Down (new to non-Persona cast)
* The IK starter should be from RB emblem to UNI-styled Infinite Worth cutscene animation before the move starts (the latter (IW) is new to non-UNI cast)

* Almost Every Graphic Drivers got issues on its FPS. NVIDIA is the exception through methods (…)
* Even Controller Pattern still Xbox 360/Steam instead of changing to other controllers like PS4.
* Currently Improvement Mods only works for Steam Users for advance graphics
* What's up with the file assets?
** Even worst, unable to do custom mods like BGM, logos (like changing Persona rep logo from OR Arena to that of Ultimax Ultimax), stages, voices, palettes, .etc
*** Finally appears to be still same moddable as previous BB, but searching file names needs to be careful. Kinda need a long time to list which files could be like sprite, color, 3D model, other image & sound files

* Non-RWBY Cast's English VA still uncredited. Please Fix It & adds their title announcing voice clips
* Aegis is a Japanese spelling name for Aigis, it should be fix on West version. Safe for English voice files relating to her English pronouncing name
* I guess there are more localized text errors there, asides above. Such as Jubei’s theme name & Naoto S.’s QCF EX name, Raid. So as Yu and Aigis’ theme, much like Jubei’s on the localized naming
* Logos: Either P4A logo should be Ultimax since it has represented colors that has both P3 & P4 cast, & being the final P4A game, or BB & UNI should have CF & ELST parts remove. On a side note, there’s gonna be more demand for some worthed P4AU cast like Adachi, Rise & Sho on Season 2
* Arcana Card Logos still missing on Persona cast icon title list

Suggested Season 2 DLC characters:
* BB: Celica A. Mercury, Kagura Mutsuki, Susano’o, Naoto Kurogane
* P4A: Rise Kujikawa, Tohru Adachi, Margeret, Sho Minazuki (True ED ver. (hybrid of Sho/Solo & Minazuki/Persona)
* UNI: Seth, Bloody Chaos, Hilda, Erika Wagner
* RWBY: All JNRP Members, Rowan Torchwick, Cinder Fall, Qrow Branwen, Winter Schnee
* Alliance True Ending Episode: Next year's patch alongside DBFZ own of this EP. Foreshadows Guilty Gear & Dragon Ball's future inclusions in possible sequel (think Azure Dragon Balls, & GGU happens to be in the middle of converged process where it got dragged into this mess)
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  • Listening to: Arc System Works BGMs
  • Reading: History, Manga & Comics
  • Watching: Pokemon Sun & Moon, Kamen Rider
  • Playing: BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Tea Bottle




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