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my 7 sins symbols

The 7 deadly mortal sins.

Humans have a sin bound to their soul. It takes alot self-knowledge to find the sin that is bounded to you, because we all carry every sin deep within us. Humans can’t say that they are pure, because they are not. But you are also not a sinner when you prolong these. It is only a sin if you take it to far, and it defiles the soul. If you come to corrupted by your sin, your soul will be drenched and marked as a sinner.

These are my symbols of the 7 deadly mortal sins.
(Can you find out which one is bound in your soul?)
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would you alow me to use your art as the base for my youtube profile?

I will put your credits in my channel's description

either way

your art is beautiful

keep up the good work :)

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Hi. Can I use your art in a series that I'm producing? (in this case I'm editing :P) I promise to put your credits. (in a fixed comment, or in the video description)

It is also, it is the best art of seven deadly sins that I found ON GOOGLE ENTIRE, congratulations on your beautiful art. (I'm writing this through google translator, sorry if english is bad)

Great art of the seven deadly sins! Can I use them to promote my novels? I will credit your DeviantArt page.

Thanks in advance!
May I use these symbols for my mod for Terraria? I want use these for bosses based on 7 deadly sins. I promise to credit you as the creator of the symbols and refer your DA profile.
Sorry for my bad English.
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These are awesome ! Been using them as cult symbols for my D&D campaign since there are these 7 godlike entities that corrupts people based on the 7 sins, so thanks so much !
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Hello Lars,
I got a question for you.
Currently, I am working on my first Novel where the seven sins matter a bunch and I don´t know how, yet but I would really love to use your symbols in the Book somehow. 
Also, I saw your work on the 7 virtues, which I would maybe also like to use in the context of the story at some point. 
If you allow me the use of your work I would definitely credit you on the imprint of the book, and maybe even let you name a character or something ^^
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These really do look interesting. I know their are 7 deadly sins but I always felt that was to small. There are 10 commandments, why aren't there 10 deadly sins. I always wanted to add lying, vanity, and mercilessness. The 3 new sins of Vanity, Deceit, and Malice. It would be cool if those could be turned into these eye symbols. I have no idea how long these where posted though. I just love sinister eye symbols regardless. These are really cool.
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Sloth has too much effort in it 

I'm sloth
Amazing work. May I use these symbols for my RPG Board Game? Of course I would reference your DA profile.
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I'm going to be using this for my characters. I'll make sure to credit and link it back to your da account. 
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Hello, I secretly used your Symbols for my SFM artwork and I forgot to ask you if i can use it. So sorry for not telling you earlier. :(

So here's what I created with your artwork.

Jar as Wrath

Jobi's Eyes of Wrath
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it's all right, I appreciate your honesty to tell me that you used them.
I'm not really using these symbols for anything, they where just a project. 
You may use them if you credit me as the creator of the symbols and refer people to my DA profile.
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Hello. Sorry to have forgotten two things I asked, but what can I use these symbols for my demons? ^^;
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Hello, it's fine you credited me so that was good. I did see you reset it on the post with the virtues. You have my permission to use the symbols of virtues and sins, as long as you credit me and i can see for what you used them.
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Ok, thank you. ;)
Hey first of all these symbols are great. I wanted to ask if my group and I could use them for our outfits. We wanted to cosplay the seven sins and we were thinking to give them tattoos and your design is so amazing. So I wanted to ask if we could use the as tattoos for our cosplay. Of course we would credit you as the artist/designer of these tattoos
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Hey there, first of all thank you very much and second, you may use them. Of you credit me as the creator and mention my profile that would be great. I also would like te see the results of you cosplay to see how you guys put them to use.
Good luck on your cosplay!
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What I enjoy about your piece is the masculinity. Many choose to illustrate women or go with a set of flourishing lines. Although nothing is wrong with approaching from that angle, it /is/ abundant. By keeping the organic curves alongside the sharp points, your tribal feel is an interesting take. I am most impressed by your Lust because of this masculine theme. You could not rely on skimpy clothes or the cleavage so pardon me as I interpret the circles on each side of the tall and long heart to mean something /else/.

I enjoy the half-lidded take on the eye of Sloth and your choice to fill it without overlap or cut-outs. It reminds me of 'dark circles under the eyes' associated with tiredness.

I am still surprised that Wrath is the most curvaceous. It is a counter-intuitive depiction but you pulled it off well. Neither does it escape me that Wrath has a second set of eyes, tilted to hint pinched eyebrows. Or the open circles in line with the 'elbow' circles to form two fists

Gluttony is also a surprising choice as most people attribute both the teeth and the aforementioned points to wrath but thanks to your illustration, I am persuaded to believe has ALWAYS been better suited to Gluttony and not just the diamond hints of teeth but the open mouths in all cardinal directions (Always open)

Is it only me or was it intended to have Envy look like a bunny Decepticon with scissorhands? Either way, its interaction with me, with all the points considered is sure to be injurious.

Now for preferences. . .
I am underwhelmed by Prides depiction. I get that it should be elaborate in drawing attention to itself in multiple layers. But Where all the other icons support the base eye in the center, Pride is obscuring the eye as much as possible. It could be mistaken for 'shooting daggers' with its glare which is more like Envy. Perhaps, the elaboration would have been better developed in using other forms because it appears simple. The overlap isn't; but the effect is. I could also mention that Pride 'comes before the fall' and a certain instability would have been useful here too. As a quick repair, consider what the icon may look like with a thin or absent bottom.

As for Greed, the frays are puzzling. I imagine they may mean hands grasping for more but the idea of eyelashes comes more readily. I would like something more along the lines of currency like a coin or a gem but I also gracefully accept that greed can be more property or information and this currency-less version keeps Greed broad.

Finally, I commend you for treating each icon to its own typographic font. Unfortunately, because these fonts are in different sizes, in a mix of cases, without a standard for thickness, they look thrown together rather than as a collection piece.

Congratulations on what you have completed. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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i guess it pride and wrath one of those!
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I don't know if you are still going to go over this... But... I do want to know if you are still going to be doing the seven heavenly virtues as well? I am writing a setting and I kind of want to use these symbols for a plot point for the different 'houses'.... And I really do need the 'opposites'.

I'm sorry if it seems like I am bothering you, however these are AMAZING. And realistically the only symbols I could find that are consistant... Because finding every sin symbol has proven much more difficult than I expected.

I saw further down that you are having difficulty finding the right 'setting' for the creation, and if you need help, I am willing and ready to give references.
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I recently restarted the creation of the 7 heavenly virtues upon the requests that have been stacking up lately.
Creation simular symbols for the virtues is proving to still be difficult, the sins have way more options for visuals. Darkness is always easier to visualize. 
You don't have to apologize for asking something a lot of Deviant have asked me before, the ones that asked about the virtue symbols and follow my DA will most likely soon get the message of the virtues being posted.
All i hope is that the virtues are what they had hoped for, after all it has been a while and they are not easy to create in the same style.

When they are online I am open for alterations though on the virtues, al though i hope it will not be necessary of course. 
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These symbols are amazing!

Would it be alright if I can use these for a spinoff that I'm working on? I swear that I'll credit you and link to your DA page.
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Thank you!
You can use them for your spin off if you want but you are not the first one who has asked me to use them for something, just saying.
If you credit my name and link my Da to your results that would be great.
Thank you for your appreciation for the symbols and I look forward to see the result of your creation. 
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