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Terran Federation Foreign Legion
Terran Foreign Legion (Legion Extranjera Terra)
Motto: “A toast to the dead, and to the next man to die!”Battle cry: “Ave Victoria!”(Hail Victory!) or “Victoria Aut Mors!”(Victory or Death!)Strength: ~3000 recruits as of beginning of 3rd Bug War, expanded to nearly 1,000,000 by wars end when including Black cross, Terran Republic, and Petolemaic forcesAllegiance:Terran Federation Color markings: Blue and white stripes
The Terran Foreign Legion is a subsection of SICON. The Foreign Legion’s primary area of operation in peacetime is in the Federation’s holdings in Citadel space and “Open worlds” Like Shanxi and the System’s Alliance. Their job is to act as a gateway for citizenship for aliens and foreign born human. Petolemaics from the Southern Colonies are not assigned to the Foreign Legion, and instead shifted to join the System’s Alliance Navy, or the Terran Federation
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Terran Federation Space Fleet
Part of L4 of the West "Terran Federation:Contact" Starship Troopers/Mass Effect crossover series on FF.Net. You can check his story in the link below
The Terran Federation Space Fleet (T.F.S.F) is the aerospace branch of the United Citizen Federation military responsible for space operations. The Federal Marine Corps, is the naval infantry detachment of the Fleet primarily served as security force onboard Federation ships and Defense Installations.
The Federation Navy is one of the strongest naval power in Citadel space. It is known to number at least 50 thousands ships. Its growing potentials has drawn the attention of the Citadel Council. While the Council is more concerned about the possible outcome of an interstellar war between Terran Federation and Batarian Hegemony, they are also keen to acquire the Federation Navy's peacekeeping potentials, especially in unstable regions like the Skyllian Verge a
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Renard R-41 Helios-2 by larrynguyen0096 Renard R-41 Helios-2 :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 2 0 Renard R-41 Helios-1 by larrynguyen0096 Renard R-41 Helios-1 :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 2 0 Gallian Royal Air Force Renard R-41 Helios fighter by larrynguyen0096 Gallian Royal Air Force Renard R-41 Helios fighter :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 3 0 WIP Reggiane Re.2000 Falco I by larrynguyen0096 WIP Reggiane Re.2000 Falco I :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 4 0 M27 Centurion Main Battle Tank by larrynguyen0096 M27 Centurion Main Battle Tank :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 5 1 English Electric Lightning F.6 (Repost) by larrynguyen0096 English Electric Lightning F.6 (Repost) :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 3 1 Muv-Luv F-4M Phantom FGR.2 by larrynguyen0096 Muv-Luv F-4M Phantom FGR.2 :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 4 1 WIP Muv-Luv F-4M Phantom (Completed body) by larrynguyen0096 WIP Muv-Luv F-4M Phantom (Completed body) :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 1 0 WIP F-4M Phantom by larrynguyen0096 WIP F-4M Phantom :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 2 0 TSF Assault Cannon design by larrynguyen0096 TSF Assault Cannon design :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 2 0 Muv-Luv TSFIA:Defense of Lyon by larrynguyen0096 Muv-Luv TSFIA:Defense of Lyon :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 0 0 Completed render: TSA Su-25 Grach (Rook) by larrynguyen0096 Completed render: TSA Su-25 Grach (Rook) :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 2 0 Muv-Luv The Euro Front: English Electric Lightning by larrynguyen0096 Muv-Luv The Euro Front: English Electric Lightning :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 3 1 British TSF Assault Cannons by larrynguyen0096 British TSF Assault Cannons :iconlarrynguyen0096:larrynguyen0096 2 0


Nakajima Kikka by TheoComm Nakajima Kikka :icontheocomm:TheoComm 45 4 Cosmo Zero 01 by xzarno Cosmo Zero 01 :iconxzarno:xzarno 54 2 Cosmo Tiger Recon - Multi-View by xzarno Cosmo Tiger Recon - Multi-View :iconxzarno:xzarno 34 4 Batarian Fighter Overview by Euderion Batarian Fighter Overview :iconeuderion:Euderion 136 19 Helldivers - Helldiver Tech Wires by OskarKuijken Helldivers - Helldiver Tech Wires :iconoskarkuijken:OskarKuijken 7 0 Starcraft Terran Battlecruisers by Euderion Starcraft Terran Battlecruisers :iconeuderion:Euderion 314 27 Colonial Aerospace SF-11C Avenger by Shoguneagle Colonial Aerospace SF-11C Avenger :iconshoguneagle:Shoguneagle 161 7 Allied fighter Midge-Mk2b(alternative history) by NovA29R Allied fighter Midge-Mk2b(alternative history) :iconnova29r:NovA29R 14 5 HORNET_concept WIP 02 by NovA29R HORNET_concept WIP 02 :iconnova29r:NovA29R 39 3 DWG-183 Jet Fighter by PAK-FAace1234 DWG-183 Jet Fighter :iconpak-faace1234:PAK-FAace1234 94 7 Gallian Navy SCB-2 Scout Bomber by PAK-FAace1234 Gallian Navy SCB-2 Scout Bomber :iconpak-faace1234:PAK-FAace1234 127 14 VF 27 Fighter mode by EastCoastCanuck VF 27 Fighter mode :iconeastcoastcanuck:EastCoastCanuck 226 31 Morning Kiss by LyrykenLied Morning Kiss :iconlyrykenlied:LyrykenLied 14 5 Flagship Agateram by arvistaljik Flagship Agateram :iconarvistaljik:arvistaljik 10 0 Dragon Knight DOM Trooper by migs308 Dragon Knight DOM Trooper :iconmigs308:migs308 46 10 Penumbra Apex - Prothean Starship by Euderion Penumbra Apex - Prothean Starship :iconeuderion:Euderion 124 24




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Artist | Student | Digital Art
An 18 years old student who loves 3D modelling, thats all


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