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First off this peice brings to mind Frank Miller, and his influential work that made Wolverine stand out(to me at least).

Starting with the background which compliments the figure work, it allows Wolverine himself to stand out, and not sink into the back ground. The strong line art here, as well as the essentials to what makes Wolverine, Wolverine really made me take notice of this piece.

The colors on this are quite stunning, and this work is pretty much a true digital painting. I am really drawn to the way you did the hand holding cigar, it's so detailed, as well as the shading all over.

Though the hair is a little too stylized for my taste, but clearly this is Wolverine, also the middle claw seems a little off center, but given the fact that they can shift, it's not nothing that could ruin the piece. Over all great work, and a great showing.
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