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Penguins of Madagascar next gen guide
-Dave (Male)
Kowalski x Fred
-Nyx (Male)
-Lux (Male)
Rico x Archie
-Romeo (Male)
Private x Max
-Daniel (Male)
-Jacob (Male)
Manfredi x Johnson
-Denver (Male)
The Red Squirrel x Nigel
-Simon (Male)
Leonard x Joey
-Jonathan (Male)
:iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 2 10
All dogs go to heaven next gen guide
All dogs go to heaven
Charlie x Itchy
-Gregory barkin (Male)
-Richard itchaford (Male)
Carface x Killer
-Brutus  (Male)
Lance x Manfred
-Trevor (Male)
Spike x Toodles
-Brent (Male)
Punk Charlie x Gambler Charlie
-Charles (Male)
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Dog city next gen
Ace x Baron
-Clubs (Male)
-Count (Male)
Frisky x Bruiser
-Turtles (Male)
Bugsy Vile  x Clawed Badley
-Vito (Male)
Mad dog x Leon Burger
-Âemond (Male)
Eliot Shag x Scratch McCollie
-Nicholas (Male)
Bruno x Bowser
-Bernard (Male)
the Watch Dog x Hear Boy
-Hypno (Male)
Mayor Kickbark x Spunky the Flunky
-Fabio (Male)
:iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 1 0
Lady and the Tramp Next gen guide
Buster x Tramp
-Baxter (Male)
-Bruce (Male)
-Butch (Male)
-Scamp (alternate timeline) (Male)
Scamp x Patch
-Stitch (Male)
-Champ (Male)
Lady x Peg
-Sue (Female)
Jock x Trusty
-Lock (Male)
-Tom (Male)
-David (Male)
Scratchy x Sparky
-Shaggy (Male)
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Zootopia next gen Guide
Nick x Finnick
-Jeffery (Male)
-Andy (Male)
-Lucas (Male)
Gary x Larry
-Brian (Male)
Bucky x Pronk
-Chuck (Male)
Gideon x Stu hopps
-Phineas (Male)
Bogo x Officer Fangmeyer x  Clawhauster
-Samuel (Bogo x Clawhaster) (Male)
-Benjamin (Bogo x Fangmeyer) (Male)
Lionheart x Mr. Manchas
-Lewis (Male)
Duke Weasalton x Jack Savage
-Stone Savage (Male)
Judy x Bellwheather
-Clark (Male)
:iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 1 6
Crash Bandicoot Next Gen Guide
Crash bandicoot x Neo Cortex
-Neo Fabian Bandicoot (Male)
-Neo Clash Cortex (Male)
Coco x Nina
-Neo kristina Cortex (Female)
Tiny x Dingodile
-Gresham (Male)
Doctor Nefarious Tropy x Doctor N. Gin
-Cornelius Tropy Gin (Male)
Ripper roo x Pinstripe Potoroo
-Lonnie roo (Male)
Dr. Nitrus Brio x Crunch Bandicoot
-Vernon brio bandicoot (Male)
:iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 2 0
101 Dalmatian next gen guide
Universe 1:
Lucky x Tripod
-Ronny (Male)
Rolly x Mooch 
-Chance (Male)
Cadpig x Puppy Spot 
-Dirk (Female)
Dipstick x Whizzer 
-Duke (Male)
-Milo (Male)
-Pokey (Male)
Pongo x Danny 
-Dale (Male)
Thunderbolt x lil.Lightning
-Shockwave (Male)
Fetch x Kelly 
-Sliver (Male)
-Horwood (Male)
LT.Pug x  Persian Pete 
-Jeff (Male)
Rebecca x Twotone pup
-Diana  (Female)
-Aaron (Male)
Patch x Scamp
-Stitch (Male)
-Champ (Male)
Universe 2:
Lucky x Mooch 
-Hurricane (Male)
Rolly x Patch 
-Johnny (Male)
Blaze x Tripod 
-Leo (Male)
Cadpig x twotone
-Darwin (female)
Pongo x Thunderbolt
-Flash (Male)
Danny x Lil Lightning 
-Jagger (Male)
Dipstick x Duke
-Chase (Male)
Whizzer x Pepper (Male)
-Toby (Male)
:iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 2 0
Sonic Next Gen Guide
Sonic X Shadow
-Shadoo the hedgehog (Male)
Amy X Cream
-Autumn (Female)
Blaze X Marine
-Steam (Female)
Jet X Storm
-Stream the Hawk (Male)
Vector X Espio
-Vanish The hybrid (Male)
Mephiles X Silver
-Zephyr (Male)
Eggman X Eggman Nega (Rush Canon) -
-Negu (Male-twin)
-Eguk (Male-twin)
Knuckles X Tails
-Malik (Male)
Rouge x Wave
-Diamond (Female)
Zavok x Zor
-Zain (Male)
Zazz x Zomon
-Zeno (Male)
Metal sonic x Android Shadow
-Metal Shadoo (Male)
Omega x Metal sonic 3.0
-Chaos (Male)
Metal Kunckles x Tails Doll
-Zero (Male)
Fiona x Sally
-Nancy (Female)
Scourge x Miles
-Thunder (Male)
Fang x Bean 
-Fury (Male)
Sleet x Dingo
- Vail (Male)
-Edge (Male)
-Bryce (Male)
:iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 1 0
Pound puppies 80s/2010 next gen guide
Pound puppies 2010 Universe A
Lucky x Ralph
-Njowga (Nico)
Cookie x Dolly
Squirt x Niblet
Ace x Squeak
Fang x Buddy
Slick x Dash Whippet
-Frisky whippet
Patches x Chip
Rebound x Cupcake
Freddie x Yipper
Bondo x Antonio
Sarge x Shakes
Chuckles x Bumbles
Pound puppies 2010 Universe B
Lucky x Fang
Ralph x Ace
Cookie x Strudel
Squirt x Brutus
Cuddlesworth x Princess
Tony x Patches x Bart
-Peter (Tony x Patches)
-Joey (Bart x Patches)
-Alex (Tony x Bart)
Niblet x Doggy Lama 
Chip x Chauncey
Slick x Fang's father (will be named later) or Shagface=
-Dustin (Slick x Fang's father)
- Bruce (Slick x Shagface)
Claw x Weasel x Tony=
-Chase (Claw x Weasal)
-Storm (Weasel x Tony)
-Brick (Claw x Tony)
Pound puppies
:iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 2 0
Undertale AU/next gen guide-
Changes from the Canon universe:
-Frisk and Chara are replaced with Larry and Lenny as the main characters 
-Asriel, Lenny, and the other souls return to the surface for a reason I won't spoil
-humans are replaced with anthro's and are still different from "monsters"
-All characters have much longer life spans so the other souls have there familes to go home too
The 8 souls
Patience- Nero (Nava x Niju from my balto next gen)
Bravery- Ronny (Lucky x Tripod from my 101 dalmation Next gen)
Integrity- Matty (Bojack x Mr.penutbutter from my Bojack horsemen next gen)
Perseverance- Kelvin (Max x Duke from my secret life of pets)
Kindness- Alfred (Oliver x Dodger from my Oliver and Company next gen)
Justice- Walter (Robin x Prince John from my Robin hood next gen)
Determination- Larry/Lenny (Lucky x Ralph from pound puppies next gen)
The Surface
The amalgamations
Stories of the 8 souls part 1- what happens when they get to the underground
Stories of the 8 souls part 2-ther
:iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 2 0
Lion king next gen guide
Simba x Mheetu 
kion x Janja
-Wambua (male)
-Rudo (male)
Cheezi x Chungu 
-Ishaq (Male)
Badili x Mapagaino  
-keyon (male)
Fuli x Jasiri 
-Jaha (female)
Kiara x Vitani 
-Dalila (female)
Kovu x kopa
Nuka x Foxy (just to be clear Foxy is my official 100 percent oc, he is not connected to fnaf foxy besides Name (which I might change and extend on anyways) and species and I rather them not be compared as such)
-Danny (Male)
-Rodney (Male)
Scar x banzai
-Gwandoya (Male)
-Kamau (Male)
Scar's other cubs (will not give out the name if the other parent unless it is guessed for certain reasons)
-Nakisisa (Male)
-Ehioze (Male)
-Jaheem (Male)
-raha (Male)
Banzai x Ed's 
-Yafeu (Male)
some details: for this Next gen as you can see I'm trying to add a little bit of Lion king movies,Book and Guard since I don't think there all the same universe so I have brought them together in my own way.
:iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 2 1
Spyro Next Gen Guide
Universe A (lengendverse)
Spyro x Malefor
-Leifur (Male)
-Ardir (Male)
-Amethyst (Male)
Flame x Red
Ignitus x Terrador
Cyril x Volteer
Ripto x Malefor
(Takes place in an alternate legend of Spyro timeline with a Legend Red,Flame and Ripto)
Universe B (Tailverse)
Spyro x Flame
-Alex (Male)
-Ruby (Male)
Ember x Cynder
-Nitro (Male)
Blink x Otto
Magnus x Titan
Tomas x Astor
Red x Malefor 
(Timeline where only the first three classic games happen and a hero's tail with a Classic Cynder and Malefor)
Universe C (Classicverse)
Spyro x Hunter
-Marcus (Male)
-Xander (Male)
Bianca x Elora
-Nix (Male)
Bentley x Agent 9
Sheila x Rapunzel
Gnasty Gnorc x Ripto
(A timeline where only the first three classic games happen)
Universe D (Glimmerverse)
Spyro x Ripto
-Syncro (Ma
:iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 3 8
My Little Pony Next Gen-The Gloomyverse
Shining armor x king sombra (Married)
1.Gloomy Dusk (Male)
2.Shimmering Radiance (Male)
Shining Armor x Candance (Divorced)
1.Flurry heart (Female)
2.Lovely Shield (Male) 
Shining Armor x Dr.Caballeron ( Not together-Mistake Baby)
1.Shielded Aurora (Male)
Moondancer x Twilight x Pinkie pie (Married)
1.Magical Chord (Twilight x Pinkie) (Female)
2.Storybook pen (Twilight x Moondancer) (Male)
Spike x Thorax (Married)
1.Opal Quartz (Male)
Candance x Queen Chrysalis (Married)
1.Charming Heart (Male)
Princess Celestia x Queen Novo (Married)
1.Sparkling River (Female)
Luna x Tempest (Married)
1.Midnight Honor (Female)
BlueBlood x Gladmane (Married)
1.Midnight Crown (Male)
Hoity tolty x blueblood x svengallop (Broken up)
1.Gravel Ring (Hoity x blueblood) (Male)
2.Perfect Prize (Svengallop x Blueblood) (Male)
Stygian x Reverse Sombra (Married)
1.Scarred Star (Male)
Mane 6, Family and Friends
:iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 1 5
Svenshoes (Svengallop x Troubleshoes) Stamp by Larrydog123 Svenshoes (Svengallop x Troubleshoes) Stamp :iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 7 4 Anti Kodi x Dusty Stamp by Larrydog123 Anti Kodi x Dusty Stamp :iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 4 3
Balto Fankids Bios
Subject: Balto x Steele pups 
Names :
Gender: all male 
Role: varies
1.Wyatt-has a lot of wolf features and has Steele's underbelly white and the rest of him is grey
2.Amack- a dark version of Balto's color with some white patches all around him
3.Grumpy- a lighter version of Balto's colors
4.kaske- has Steele's coat and Balto's brown ears, eyebrows and nose
5.benny-brownish black fur and look more like Steele 
6.Clay- has a very dull grey colored fur 
1.Wyatt- he is very energic and spiritual pup who has a great passion for making the world a better place,he is the hippy guru type who loves happiness and has many plans and dreams on making thing in the world but since he against all kinds of violence he is an easy target for others but he has his brothers to protect him
2.Amack- a very nice cutie pie who is always happy and having a smile on his face, he has a very close relationshi
:iconlarrydog123:Larrydog123 4 8

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The first game in the Spyro series, it stars the title character, a young purple dragon named Spyro, and his dragonfly friend, Sparx, who venture through the dragon kingdom to rescue the other dragons from a spell placed by Gnasty Gnorc.

It is a much-beloved game by all who have played it.

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question to anyone who knows: is the storyline changed in any kind of way in the Gba/Ds version of the second and third legend of spyro games? just wondering since I'm having problems with the ps2 versions and thinking  The Gba/Ds versions might be better for me at the moment if the story is still the same.
anyone in the mood to chat?

what is on my mind: I finished the first legend of spyro game and the four guardians are bea and the ships
Ignitus Terrador
Cyril Volteer 

are da good ships (adding them to my next gens). I'm just hoping the second and third game gives me a good ship for spyro too besides the one I already have lol
So to anyone who finds this interesting I have been playing a lot of spyro lately,I don't have reignited but have been playing all the games I can get so far lately finished The classic three, and a hero's tail so gonna play TLOS and enter the dragonfly next and maybe the gba and ds games later

and because of this (I hope) after that is all done you will be seeing a lot more spyro art from me I already have ideas of extending my next gen universes with more ships I have gotten during playing more games and I have been getting many ideas in general for this fandom so who knows anything can happen.
hate how coloring has been such an intimidating thing for me to do for this long, if it wasn't I would have been uploading art already.
Thinking about getting into pokemon been faving a lot of Random art so I felt it was about time,so does anyone have any suggestion on how I should do that if I decide too?


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