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Bowler Samurai 2- NEO Magazine
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This was a comission I had from NEO magazine waaayy back in 2006 (infact I had completely forgotten about it until I was digging out an old Hard Drive recently)

They had an article about Manga/Anime and it's influences in the UK, So I suggested coming up with a stereotypical British businessman in a bowler hat, suit, tie and umbrella Etc. but then go over the top with it's anime stylings...

Anyhoo, Thought i'd upload it here, before I lose the image again and also contrribute to my "much needed to be updated portfolio"

There's also a second image I'll upload in a moment!
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Oh wow, that was the first issue of NEO i ever bought!
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Anyone for cricket? All we need are other UK stereotypes and we have a whole manga!
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