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What are the types of shopping cart software by Larry-Scot

The e-commerce market has been gaining a lot of momentum over the years because of the growing popularity of technology and internet. The outreach of internet is immense and this is exactly what comes in handy when brand owners want to publicize their brands on the internet. In order to have a smoothly working website, it is necessary to ensure that you hire the very best e-commerce software for the best results. There are several categories of shopping cart software solutions that are available in the internet and it is important to understand your aims and thus choose the one very cautiously.

One of the worst things is choosing the kind of e-commerce software that would end up being something that doesn’t stand up to the mark or meet up with your requirements. It is necessary to ensure that you chalk down your requirements first and then move ahead with tallying the same with the features of the available e-commerce software. Yet another thing that often is preferred is the solution that would take care of all the problems and knick knacks of the website and leave your stress free. These are the kind of features that ShoppingCartElite has. The team of professionals working behind the website are known as the one stop solution handling all the aspects of the said e-commerce website.

In this very article, we are primarily going to be focusing on the different available types of e-commerce software solutions and which one stands out to be the ideal one for your e-commerce brand and its requirements.

What is the shopping cart software?

Before we jump straight into the categories of the e-commerce software, it is best to priorly know about what the shopping cart software entails and what the features that comes along with the same are.

Shopping cart software are the e-commerce software solutions that aids the visitors on the website to visit the websites and select items and products off the website for current or eventual purchase. These software solutions nowadays are not just something that aids in putting products in the cart but is a lot more than that. Some of these e-commerce software much like the ShoppingCartElite cover up all the necessary needs and requirements that come along with the e-commerce software.

Some of the primary features of the e-commerce software include:

  • SEO friendly

The one thing that determines the growing popularity of an e-commerce website is how search engine optimised the website is. It is necessary that your website shows up on the search engine results for the maximum exposure to channel in more traffic from the target audience. This is definitely something that can be easily looked after and solved using the s e-commerce software.

  • Calculations

The last thing you want to do is wrack your brains trying to chalk out ways to ensure the correct calculations after the customer makes a purchase. All of these calculations along with tax additions are maintained and looked after by such e-commerce software solutions.

  • Security

The safety and security of an e-commerce website is very important. None of the customers want to expose their personal bank credentials to a website that seems vulnerable and not secure enough. Any kind of breach of security often results in negative reputation of the brand which is definitely something you would want to avoid. The SSL certification is one of the primary features of an e-commerce website.

  • Marketing

The marketing of an e-commerce website is very necessary because it is the key feature that ensures that the name of the brand is spread out to the masses. The e-commerce software makes sure to use the tools to ensure the best kind of marketing, both for the first listings in the SERP and also for a better traffic back to the primary website.

Types of shopping cart software

Shopping Cart Software by Larry-Scot

While we glanced through the description along with the features of the said service providers, it is best to get some insight on the different types of shopping cart software that are available for use on the internet.

There are primarily three types of service providers:

  • Open Source Software
  • Licensed Software
  • Hosted service

Open source software

The open source e-commerce software is the type in which the source code is made public to be used, customised and change for any kind of purposes on the web. It is the copywriter of the software developer who gives access for the publication, distribution or even the customisation of the said software as per the needs and requirements of the user.

It is often referred to as a collaborative software because the changes and customisation that are done are often a times a better insight into the already built software. It is the same reason why the software is also known as the best kind of example for “open collaboration”.

The same open source software that is used for hosting an e-commerce website is often free of cost and doesn’t charge any kind of extra money for using the features of the main software. The merchant availing the said services often have to opt for a different web hosting solution to host their e-commerce website.

These kind of e-commerce software solution often comes a lot in handy for the e-commerce merchants who are familiar with technology and know the in and outs of the same. This is because all the said modification and customisation in the website need to be done and operated by them only. There are no third party people to handle the work relating to it.

This kind of software is best for the e-commerce websites which doesn’t seek a lot of exposure and just wants to make a name and gain the bare minimum exposure. Popularising a website using the same takes up a lot of time and efforts. People often get blindsided with the software being free but the biggest downside to the same is probably how the merchant needs to pay for the add-on features which ends up costing a lot more than what they would have paid for the outsourced e-commerce software solutions.


  • The software doesn’t charge any extra fees and is free of cost


  • Takes a lot of time and effort
  • Purchasing the add-ons take up a lot of money which is not even that efficient to work with

Licensed software

The licensed e-commerce software is the service providers which is often downloaded by the user and then hosted on a Web server. These are the kind of software solutions which tend to charge a onetime fee for a lifetime service. This is one of the most availed sources of e-commerce software because of the less amount of investment.

Yet another advantage of using licensed software is that the user gets free access to every single updates or changes that the software hosts. They come with the packages add-ons that are necessary for running an e-commerce website smoothly without any kind of issue. Some of these also have open source codes which enables the users to have free access to the same for better customisation of the website as per the requirements.


  • One time investment
  • Open source codes for better customisation


  • The merchant still needs to run the codes and handle the software themselves

Hosted service

This e-commerce software service is definitely the best in the lot, as considered upon public opinion. These software solutions are not downloadable but are directly provided access by the host service provider. They are often regarded as the Application Service Provider as well and charge on either a monthly or a yearly basis for the services that they provide.

  • If you are aiming for an overnight success for your e-commerce website without having to fret about the extra efforts that you would have to put in, this is definitely the right choice for you.
  • These hosted service like that of ShoppingCartElite often tend to first study the framework of the website and analyse the areas that need to be primarily focused on. They create a detailed plan of action and take just over a month to skyrocket the popularity of the e-commerce website.

Every single aspect of the hosted service is either automated or skilfully managed by the professional team behind the said service provider. It is this exact reason why people tend to rely more on these e-commerce software solutions for a better profit for the e-commerce website.


  • Automated services
  • The professional team handles the work behind the website
  • Best marketing, outreach and better online presence of the website


  • Restriction on the amount of customisation

All in all, every single type of e-commerce software that is available on the internet is best for different type of approach of the e-commerce website. While the open source website is best for the e-commerce websites on a budget, the hosted service providers are best for the ones who want a one click solution for every aspect of their e-commerce website. The only thing that needs to be ensured is to choose the correct one according to the needs of the website.


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September 22, 2017
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