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In the upbringing of the child there can be no trifles. Everything is important: what books he reads, with whom he communicates, what he likes and, of course, in what room he lives. If the repair in the child’s room is made in accordance with his interests, then he will be comfortable in it and, at least, the color of the walls will not irritate him. When you choose Schumacher wallpaper for a teenager's room, try to find a compromise: to hear his opinion and not to miss out on the advice of specialists.

What you need to know about decorating a teenager's bedroom?

Wallpapers in a children's room for boys and girls should preferably be:

    ·         natural;

    ·         washable;

    ·         not too expensive.

The question is that if you need to save on children, it does not go, but you need to understand, your child's preferences can change already a couple of months after the completion of repair, so the wallpaper for a teenager should be from the average price category. Be ready, that these beautiful wallpaper you have to take off before they fade. But this won’t happen if you choose wallpapers in the Mahones Wallpaper Store.

In a room for a child under 14 years old, it's better to apply Schumacher wallpaper, as from it watercolor paint, plasticine, traces from hands are easily washed. If you have a boy, then do not buy a white wallpaper - they will quickly get dirty.

The main thing is that the Schumacher wallpaper "breathe" and do not emit harmful substances, because the teenager spends a lot of time in the room, and none of the parents will not want him to inhale harmful fumes or feel the smell of mold.

Today in the stores there are different types of wallpaper. Quite durable are wallpapers on non-woven basis. They include natural fibers, which makes them harmless. Also child’s room one of the walls is often glued with photo Thibaut wallpaper that are not afraid of moisture and do not lose color over time.

Suggest your child to choose a Schumacher wallpaper for his room. Let them be too bright, let them be inflicted on the characters of computer games, or the combinations of colors that may seem to you not permissible. Try not to criticize your son or daughter, but to give him the opportunity to make an adult decision for the first time in his life.

Color guidelines

Regardless of sex, the wallpaper in the teen's bedroom should not be too bright. The color of the walls should act on him soothingly and not cause aggression. If a teenager nevertheless categorically demands bright wallpaper for walls, one can try to agree. For example, agree on the fact that such wallpaper will be glued to only one wall, and you can try the combined wallpaper - the bottom of the walls is bright, and the top of a calm shade.

When we combine several colors in the interior, we can make zoning even the smallest room. For example, the wall where the bed stands is covered with wallpaper of deep blue or green colors - this color scheme will soothe the child and facilitate a quick falling asleep. For the area where there is a table or a sports corner, you can choose the color of the brighter Schumacher wallpaper:

    ·         yellow;

    ·         orange;

    ·         herbal;

    ·         blue;

    ·         red.

Before buying these or other wallpaper for the room of a teenager, ask how the colors affect the child's psyche. Red causes aggression. And if your boy likes to play computer games with fighting episodes, then it is not worth painting his room walls in red.

In the interior of the children's room it is very important to find a balance between bright and calm tones. If the color of the wallpaper for the teen's room is very bright, then the furniture should be of pastel colors or gray, beige, creamy. Still need to be very careful in choosing wallpaper design: they should not be too variegated. In the interior, including the children's room, it is allowed to decorate only one wall with non-uniform wallpaper.

With the choice of dark wallpaper in the room for a teenager also needs to be neat. A large number of black, gray, brown flowers will "crush" the child and provoke appearance of inexplicable sadness and anguish. If your child is often moping for no reason, pay attention to what kind of wallpaper there is in his room. If the interior is gloomy, then it is urgent to remake it.

In a small child’s room in general, dark glue is contraindicated. And without that a small space will become even smaller: the ceiling will seem lower and the walls will “move”. Light wallpaper, on the contrary, makes the room visually roomier. So, for a boy of 16 you can choose a calm light color range: gray-blue or gray-yellow.

Bedroom for children of different sexes

An uneasy task is faced by parents, whose son and daughter live in the same room. They need to create an interior in which children will be equally comfortable to be. It is better to refuse right away from the idea to differentiate the space with the wallpaper of different colors.

For children not to quarrel, invite them to choose a neutral wallpaper color: beige, olive, sand. But furniture, textiles and accessories can be selected for each individually. For example, on the bed of a girl to put a veil and pillows in pink and purple, and for the boy - blue and green.

The wallpaper with large drawings is better not to be used in a room for children of different sexes. Ornament, which is a teenage boy may like, will soon start to irritate the girl and vice versa. In the room, each of the children should be comfortable doing their homework, playing and sleeping.

Choosing the right wallpaper for a child is as important as buying a good table for a child, a modern computer or a bed with orthopedic mattresses, but if you have the last word in the purchase of furniture and technology for the parents, then the child itself can decide with what wallpaper in the room he wants to live,. Do not be afraid to experiment with the design of the teenager’s room. The child will grow, his interests and preferences will change, and in a couple of years he will want to have a completely different interior in the children's room.

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