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Shopping Cart Elite Review

Now, I’ll start revealing the awesome features of the shopping cart software. Here, you’ll get to know the negative sides of the tool too. But before I go any further, I should let you know what Shopping Cart Elite is.

What’s Shopping Cart Elite?

The best shopping cart software isn’t just online shopping cart software; it provides the complete eCommerce solution for its customers too. The company provides a lot of features and tools to start online businesses and sell smoothly from those.

You won’t need to look for other tools to run your online store smoothly because you can consider the best shopping cart software as an all-in-one tool. In fact, it’s better to call this as a shopping cart solution rather just mere shopping cart software.

The company comes with almost all the solutions necessary to run small to medium business without any hassle.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits, features, and many other aspects of this nice eCommerce solution.

Benefits of the  best shopping cart software

The online store owners know how much work they need to carry on to keep their businesses up and running. Here, the best shopping cart software comes as a savior. Truth be told, this online shopping cart software can minimize the labor and the money that you invest in your online stores.

The awesomeness of the best shopping cart software can be found from the beginning of its review. You’ll get the free setup, data entry, and graphic design facilities if your purchase of the software is on a yearly basis. This means that you won’t have to worry about setting up your online store, entering data, and designing the web pages.

If you don’t like the pre-designed themes of the B2B shopping cart software, you can go the extra mile by editing them since those are customizable. The headers and sub headers can be set as per your choice. Moreover, you can build your stores using the Page Builder provided by the best shopping cart software.

The images of your products should look gorgeous to attract your customers. The task of doing is on the software because it provides an image editing tool for free too.

Not only is that you can easily reach out to your customers through the organic search because the software provides an exciting SEO tool that can help you show the Google best practices along with submitting the sitemaps automatically.

With your online store built with the best shopping cart software, you can sell both physical as well as digital products seamlessly. Your customers won’t have to look for other sites to compare the prices of your products because there’s an automated price comparison tool comes with the software. In addition, they can take a strong decision whether to buy a product or not by checking different reviews left by other users.

The best shopping cart software is versatile indeed because it allows multiple currencies to break the national barrier in online businesses. What’s more? Yes, the software allows more than 100 payment gateways. That means you can be sure that none of your customers will go away due to not being able to pay for your products using his/her payment method. Also, the in-house credit card processing makes the payment processing super easy.

No matter what which platform you use, because the shopping cart software can be used on wide varieties of platforms. It can work on Windows, Mac, and browsers. So, you can see that the best shopping cart software comes both as software and a cloud-based system.

And to run the software, you won’t have to arrange an industry famous computing system. An Intel i3 along with a 4 GB of RAM configured PC is well capable of running the software though the recommendation is that you use an Intel i7 processor and 8 GB+ of RAM for a smooth performance with it.

After learning about the numerous benefits of the software now is the time to head toward revealing its exciting features.

Features of the software

Here are the notable features of Shopping Cart Elite:

Integrated with wide range of marketplaces

You can sell without any barrier because the software is integrated with the major eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Rakuten, eBay, Sears, Overstock, Jet, and NewEgg.

Discounts are shown smartly

The discount of a product is a real attention grabber for sure and if it can be shown in a smart way, then hardly a few people could resist themselves from buying the product. Yes, the best shopping cart software does show discounts smartly.

Automated social QA delivery

The question of a product automatically goes to the previous buyers. This surely brings in more leads and sales.

Easy to use inventory controlling

Having an online store means that you’ll always be busy with controlling your inventories. The good news is that the best shopping cart software provides an easy to use inventory management system for its customers.

Contacts management and customer relationship

You can easily play a magical game with your loyal customers. But, you’ll surely lose them if you fail to retain a strong relationship with them. The software takes care of this need and thus, you can easily maintain the business relationship with your customers on a regular basis.

Integrated fraud detection tool

Not all of your online store’s visitors will be as good as you expect. Many of them will be considered as fraud and the Threat Engagement Analytics or TEA Software comes with Shopping Cart Elite can easily let you know which engagements are real and which are fraud.

Free SEO boost

Who doesn’t love to implement some SEO techniques? The best shopping cart software knows this very well and thus, they submit your sitemap, create metadata, redirect 301, and help implement rich snippets on behalf of you.

Smart Search

Using the Smart Searching capability of the software, your customers won’t miss to checking any of your awesome products.

Email Marketing

The proper email marketing can bring more and more interested customers to your online store that will likely to be converted. The software offers some exciting email marketing facilities too.

Blazing fast speed

Shopping Cart Elite claims that any web page of their online store loads under 2 seconds. This fast loading will bring more sales for sure. They also have a speedy CDN that you can use for far better speed. You can also leverage the caching enabled content of your online store using the shopping cart software.

Responsive templates

Currently, the software provides 6 premium themes all of which are quite responsive. Thus you won’t have to worry about getting stuck on mobile platforms.

360-degree images

The ability to see the 3D pictures of your products can lead to more sales. The 360-degree images produced by the shopping cart software are quite usable without any doubt.

Responsive support

A good company can be bad if the support isn’t good enough. The best shopping cart software is very much concerned about this.Thus they provide multiple support options. There are phone calling, live Skype chatting (video), on-screen technical support, emailing, ticket submission etc available in the support list of this shopping cart software.

Pricing of Shopping Cart Elite

First of all, I should inform you that you can have 14 days of free trial to check the performance of the shopping cart software.

Once you’re satisfied during your trial period, you can consider buying it.

Pros and cons


·         Has the point-of-sale system

·         Provides SEO tools

·         Provides a lot of additional tools

·         Syndication blog info to third parties

·         Offers a 14-day free trial


·         Limited theme (only one) if it’s not purchased on a yearly basis

·         No mobile interface is still available in the shopping cart software

Final verdict

Finally, you should know that to start and run a fully customized online store; you’ll hardly find any other alternative to the best shopping cart software. Most of the users of this online shopping cart software are satisfied, so you should have a try. And then, don’t forget to share your experiences with us. We’re eagerly waiting for your valuable response regarding the user experience of this shopping cart software. Learn more here.
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