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TEA Software helps the person to manage and closely monitor website traffic, helps you to get in depths of click traffic. It helps you find the real users of your website rather than the ones who peep into your website. TEA Software helps trace back traffic from invalid clicks right to their origin. This can get you with details to be acted upon to moot up returns on the amount spent on advertisements.

Online E-commerce

The ad revenue history can be traced to the early 90s. Before the birth of the World Wide Web or internet, the networks were used strictly for informative purposes and no commercialization was allowed.It may be because the hyper-network used those days were mainly intended for the defence and other restricted purposes.

Over the time a new world emerged online, with the internet being a hub of things right from the seed, to the market and to the sales. The commercialization meant a larger reach of the market than the possible manual knocking at every doorstep, day by day. Thus the advertisements came in with the real motive behind them being the revenue from advertised product sales.

It served as a platform for the advertisers to post their products, contents and Google networks would make them available to the users. The system was partly based on user search data, the cookies posted by the advertisers. The advertisers would pay when users click on their advertisement copy and the host websites, that provide this space, gets income from Google.


As we find a lot of ads, the ad companies needed to find a way to analyse the utility and the boost the sales that the advertisements were creating. There were a lot of ad click analytics platforms like the mob pub analytics, google analytics, etc.

But the in depth information is missing while they boast of a number of clicks, site visits etc, but one can hardly trace the clicks back, whether they were from a relevant source. The TEA software is just the right solution for the analytics.

Analytic parameters:


    -         Site visits

Ads income depends on various unique IPs that have visited your site, but are they from a genuine human or a script running behind? TEA Software help to analyse these facts by click fraud detection. Following are a few site visit params that contribute to the ad analysis.

    o      Site entry rates

Focussing on the number of IPs,which opened the website to gain more information while arriving from clicking ads for the suitable products, the advertisements impact can be measured.More the site entries more the product is likely to be wanted by the people.

    o      Impressions

Number of times the ad was presented to the users is called impressions. This is task of ad placement role, which makes the ads available for the user on the partner websites (the ones that get paid for hosting the ads). Impressions work as a base parameter for calculating the click through rate.

    -         Ad Clicks

When users browse through your site content, they might be fascinated by the ads posted and wish to know more about it. They click on the ads and the advertiser intention is met. But how would you know who clicked?

    -         Eliminate click fraud detection

As the grass roots of the TEA software are on the visitor’s action tracking, it provides a safe, reliable way to detect the traffic and eliminate them, so that the analytical numbers are accurate rather than just blown up figures based on data that you could never rely on.

    o      Bounce rates

Caution for this is a parameter that can get your advertiser account locked! Bounce rate refers to the fact that user clicked the ad but soon deviated from it. In the ad perspective, it was hardly utilised. The platforms like the Outbrain, gravity, Google Adwords, mopub, etc block publishing the ads from the respective advertisers to the host sites if they detect more bounce rates and hence a loss of revenue.Lesser the bounce rate better would be the sales.

    o      Rates of Click through

It is the number of clicks which is received by ad on the number of times the ad was displayed. More the rate of click through is better would be the utility of the ad and better the revenue.

Befool the analytics

Even though there are a lot of software available in market today for analyses, but the question arises as to how reliable are they? Even words can be cheated by using click fraud monitor. But there is hardly a way to get into the fraud and realise whether the value get generated for money invested in the ads.

Click fraud monitor

As to detect, prevent the click fraud detection? Yes, the TEA Software click fraud monitor is the right tool. It digs into depths behind the clicks to get if it is Human.

Google had been caught several times in law suits claiming to make revenue from clicks, but that’s unethical to the effort put behind. Click fraud monitor software help you but that’s it. No more relevant features are provided by these Software.


This TEA software is the tool for you that help to identify keywords, trap the traffic by increasing their threat score. It detects those invisible pot holes which were draining ad utility which assist to optimize campaigns for maximum of your investment. Not only TEA helps you get real time updates on the web traffic, it arrests he frauds by constantly spying on their behaviours to get the most accurate predictions upfront.

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Submitted on
November 16, 2017