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Every business strives to build its work with customers on trust. This is a simple psychology. People want to do the same thing as others are doing. In psychology science it is called crowd effect or herd behavior. In marketing there is an other notion – a social proof.

What’s the target? It is a conversion increase by means of evident proofs that others perfectly accept you – i.e. you own trust of your audience. This is a very simple, but at the same time powerful way to better the point of original value of your business, site and target pages. There are lots of advice on web-design issues with brain science background, but some are designed on purpose to attract the customers’ attention.

Here we give you some tips on using social proof as an improvement tool of conversion rate.

·         Feedback and review

When you want to speak of it, it’s called marketing. When your client wants to speak of it, it’s called social proof.

That’s the reason why feedback is such a powerful tool. It’s a very supportive content also. Distribute it through the website, but never make a feedback page. They are not as efficient as you may think. Nobody reads testimonial page to find out feedbacks, this page is not popular. If you want to know results, study your analytics.  
·         Endorsement

Except feedbacks, there is the endorsement of expert. Thus, the more appropriate and affecting person stands behind the endorsement, the stronger a social proof power is. If a celebrity or a person that your audience respects speaks positively about your company, show this on your home page. Adding photo of recommending person is obligatory. As researches show, text with pictures strengthens the credibility of information.

·         Click fraud

Don’t forget to work on blocking invalid clicks adwords. With the help of special click fraud monitoring software it is very easy to track every visitor. Especially you need it when there are obvious signs that advertiser funds are wasted with lots of clicks on his advert. In such cases click fraud detection software is all you need to avoid unpleasant and uncontrolled costs.

·         E-mail subscribers

For a customer to subscribe for a newsletter is a big “portion” of trust. That’s why even the sign-up form should be built up with confidence. Of course, you should tell your customers about frequency of sending that information (weekly, monthly, etc.) and content of it. And, first and foremost, display social proof and inform your audience about number of subscribers.

It really works! To exemplify it: bettering of sign up form in Orbit blogs has increased the conversion rate of newsletter subscriber by about 1400%.

·         Button to share

Each share or like is a vote of content trust.

·         Reference

The good way to increase conversion rate and the credibility is covering by media. Every time somebody mentions you in news or media, show it on your website page, using logos or other proofs. This PR works great!
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