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Zen Cart Review - What Can You Learn About Zen Car by Larry-Scot Zen Cart Review - What Can You Learn About Zen Car by Larry-Scot

Recently many new ecommerce platforms appeared on the Internet and altered the ways merchants manage their online stores. Developers introduced a large number of innovations for streamlining an online business. Some of the systems featured less impact on the ecommerce market because they were unable to provide any significant valuable characteristics and functions. However, Zen cart integration continues to be a proven method catering to the requirements of the clients striving to modernize and customize their e-stores.

In this Zen cart review, we would like to give you some comprehensive info on a broadly utilized software program created exclusively for e-trade. Our Zen cart review tells about some useful features of this open source soft which is built using PHP. It also is based on MySQL. Similarly, like some other open-source platforms, Zen cart integration will give you opportunities for modification, development and free distribution of the soft.

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In this Zen cart review, we want to specify some advantages and disadvantages of this system. Pros of using this soft that we need to point out in this Zen cart review is the availability of a large number of add-ons. Zen cart integration with lots of plugins developed over the years makes its functionality versatile. And the good thing is that they are available to get and implemented anytime. They are free, and you can go to the platform’s official site to load as many as you need on your computer and start using them. These add-ons can extend functions of your e-store facilitating management and putting additional capabilities (for example language selection).

In our Zen cart review, we need to say that the platform features a wide range of simple to use characteristics and tools. Merchants can use them for sorting and categorizing the items. Also, there are some tools for creating item attributes. Merchants can use them to classify goods based on size, color and so on. Some other useful options of Zen cart integration include opportunities of managing stock levels. One of the add-ons is devoted to the creation of bulks of goods.

Customers like the fact that Zen cart provides a variety of template options (both free and paid). It is very beneficial for the clients who want to do customizations to their e-stores. Free options can be optimized by playing with colors and adding layout elements. Merchants can pay for more professional templates (from fifty dollars and up) and get more features.

In this Zen cart review, we want to point out some cons of this platform. One of them is limited reporting capabilities. The platform does not give a wide range of reporting options. This software is not capable of providing more advanced data (like info on sales, profits, etc.). It is possible to put extra add-ons, but they cannot do the job.

One of the downsides of Zen cart is difficulties occurring while trying to install some add-ons. It is the most significant shortcoming of this software. Also, upgrades are not as easy to do as they should be. That is why developers cannot upgrade without doing overwrites of some data. It can cause some inconveniences. If you need to customize a lot of things, it is better to stay away from upgrades. Of course, it is all possible to do an upgrade but it takes a lot of time, work and efforts.

Another shortcoming of the program is that its email auto response starts slowing down after the number of clients reached a thousand people. Also, since Zen cart autoresponder depends on third-party host companies, it has other limitations. Some hosting companies put restrictions on the number of emails you can send during one hour (some allow sending less than fifty). It means that the companies using Zen cart have to depend on the specialized services that can provide guaranteed delivery of the emails. Even though Zen cart integration comes with such challenges, their team strives to solve the issues. They develop new beneficial functionalities for their customers.  

Zen cart is a beautiful platform for such companies that need to create a nice-looking e-store with some essential tools and functions. As an open source platform, it gets a lot of input from the community of users and developers. Many volunteers devote their efforts and talent to keeping Zen cart live. However, technical knowledge is a significant benefit when it comes to using this soft. Many Zen cart experts say that for a regular person who doesn’t have any experience with software development it may be difficult to work with this platform. It is not an intuitive type of software. Such vendors may be better off with the hosted solutions (Shopify or other platforms).

We have already mentioned in our Zen cart review that this software is free. It features GPL-2 license. It can guarantee that this program will remain free and people have the right to do modifications to the code. But sometimes “free” comes with a price tag. In the case of Zen Cart, it also holds true. First of all, there is an expense to pay when you host the e-store (you also will have to purchase a domain). It is also advisable to get an SSL certificate. But most expenses can be experienced by those merchants who do not have tech knowledge and will need to hire developers to set up and maintain their e-stores. Extra money needs to be budgeted for improvements. These can be add-ons, professionally designed template options or extensions.

Zen cart installation can be performed on your server or it can be hosted on the provider’s server. Many hosting companies offer a useful option to install it in a single click. Zen cart experts recommend choosing the hosts that back up their software often and are good at updating it regularly.

You may wonder what kind of businesses may benefit most from Zen car soft. Since most merchants do not have technical knowledge or skills, they will need to be able to afford hiring developers. And because of the extra expenses (a good developer may charge a lot of money), this platform is intended for use by medium size to large size companies. However, sometimes you may come across a merchant who can wear many hats and who can understand how to set up and run the e-store using Zen cart software. In such instance, he will be paying only minimal amounts of money (possibly just for domain and hosting).

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