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Everything around the world is evolving and gradually becoming better and more economical with the gradual improvement of the technology and science. The automotive industry is grasping in the concept of better technological implementations and are opting for the same kind of changes in the car headlights and lightings as well. The automotive LED auto lights used in the cars have evolved with passing time and have gotten better.

In this very article, we are going to be focusing on such of these high quality automotive lights and even get around to know some products that are sold in Autolights4less for you to be able to choose the best available products for the car’s headlights or such.

What exactly are LED lights?

Auto Lights 4 Less by Larry-Scot

Prior to the usage of the LED lights in the car mechanics, the most prominent thing that were used were the incandescent lights which were shortly replaced by the high quality LED lights for a better purpose. The word LED translates to Light Emitting Diodes. In simply words, these are the type of transistor that emits light when any form of electricity is passed through it. Many people often tend to ask why the incandescent lights were replaced by these small LEDs and the answer lies in the benefits and advantages that these LEDs have over the normal incandescent lights.

Some of the primary advantages of the LED lights include:

·         The LED lights are very much resistant to any kind of vibration that the car may undergo

·         They have a very long longevity which in turn ensures that you wouldn’t have to worry about it fusing or disrupting

·         They can be installed in any kind of environments and are very susceptible to the moisture proof casings

·         They are very efficient and light up immediately when current passes through them

·         Their compactness along with the ability to emit different kind of colours makes it an even better choice

·         They provide with more amount of light that’s emitted per supplied wattage of current in comparison to the normal incandescent light

·         They don’t get hot too quickly but cools down fast

The LED lights are slowly gaining their way into the automotive industry with each passing day and all for the right reasons. One great thing about the LED lights that sets it apart from the other fluorescent and the incandescent lights is the fact that it is very adjustable in any kind of situations and environment.

Where it all started?

The very first introduction of the LED lights in the automotive lighting industry was way back in 1984 in the Corvette. The car was the one which introduced the usage of the LED lights, specifically in the centre high mount stop lamp. The introduction of the same was a literal breakthrough in the automotive industry.

The LEDs that are used in the stop lamp are a great intervention because it helps the drivers in deducing the situation at hand and react fast and efficiently to avoid any kind of accident. It has been seen that the LED lights tend to light up 0.2 seconds faster than the normal incandescent lights which is a definite bonus.

After this, the automotive companies started incorporating LED lights in the stop and brake lights as a necessity to ensure more safety for the drivers and the passengers on the road. With each passing day, the technology is rapidly growing and evolving and new kinds of implementations are being made to the same. For example, there are several kinds of LED lights that change the intensity of the light based off the pressure that’s applied to the brakes and there are several other types as well.

The prices can be a bit hefty

While the advantages are numerous when it comes to LED auto lights, there is one thing that makes the manufacturers hold back on using the LED lights. This is the only factor that acts as a setback when it comes to the installation of the LED auto lights in the cars. The mindset of the people is constantly changing over the years because of the upper-hand of the benefits that it has over the normal incandescent lighting, the longevity being one of them.

The mindset of people is constantly changing because of several of the reasons why LED lights are a much better option. These LED lights are being introduced as a necessity because of their efficiency to light up just when any form of current passed through it. This is more of a reason that has been making people look into it and give it a go, even when the prices for the installation of the same are high.

Some of the primary reasons for why the manufacturers are opting for the LED lights include:

·         A single LED light has way more intensity of light in comparison to the incandescent lights

·         The LED lights have way more efficiency in comparison to the other automotive lights

·         They can emit light in multiple colours which is a definite added bonus

Different colour variants from one LED

LED auto lights by Larry-Scot

The primary RGB (Red Green Blue) LED auto lights are the ones that are built in a way that emit different colours with just a single LED. They are either combined into one single unit, each consisting of a red, green and a blue LED auto lights. It is the variant amount of voltage that deduces which light will be emitted from the set of the LED lights.

These mixed colour variants in the LED lights helps in performing different kind of functions with a single strip of LED auto lights. This is exactly why this comes a lot in handy. The intensities of the light can be managed as per the functions involved along with them. This sure does become a lot helpful by helping the LED auto lights run as a single unit of even light them eventually.

Top featured products in the website

Since installing the LED auto lights sure does take up a good amount of investment, it is best to opt for the very options at hand like that of Autolights4less. This website is known for their good reputation in providing their customers with quality products and that too at a very reasonable price range which is definitely an added bonus.

In this specific part of the article, we are going to be focusing on the top three products under the LED lights that are available in this very website.

·         KC HiLiTES H4 Headlight conversion kit for Jeep

The main specifications of this include an allowed wattage of 55-60 W and it consists of H4 Halogen LED bulbs. The permissible voltage ranges from 9-32V and is 7” in diameter. The entire kit comes with two separate packages. One consists of the replaceable LED Halogen bulbs and the other one consists of the conversion cables.

The product is a very popular in the market because of the good intensity of the light that’s emitted from it. This has been proved to improve the light performance of the vehicle it is installed in. The entire kit is very easy to install and doesn’t require any kind of expertise. The entire kit is priced at $134.82 which is a lot less in comparison to the other websites and stores. This is also durable along with UV and sudden impact resistant. They also offer free shipping so you wouldn’t have to pay any extra money for the same.

·         Sylvania H11 SilverStar zXe High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb

This set of Halogen LED auto lights is yet another product that is a best seller on Autolights4less and all for the right reasons. They come in a set of two and have been said to be one of the best ones when it comes to the intensity of the light. The maximum permissible voltage is 12V which is definitely a standard number.

The diameter of these LED bulbs is 0.46 inches and has an overall length of 1.69 inches. These set of LED bulbs are sold for $51.19 which is a good and fair deal if you are in search of good performance LED lights for your car.

·         Sylvania 9006 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb

Much like the previous variant, this specific LED bulb set comes in a set of 2. This has been one of the most talked about whiter light which is definitely true. This is very much a preferable option for the drivers who tend to make trips during the nights because the white light with the intensity that it has helps in providing with clearer images which is an added bonus.

These Halogen LEDs cost around $40 roughly which is a great deal for a set of two. The company which manufactures these have developed the filaments in such a way along with introducing a gas mixture in that as well which makes the downroad light a lot brighter and makes it seem more on the whiter range.

These are some of the general information regarding the LED lights and how they have taken over the automotive industry and all for the right reasons. while there are several online outlets and such to make purchases when it comes to the LED auto lights, the Autolights4less has been accredited as one of the best because of their efficient and affordable services and products.

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