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Tips for Choosing a Countertop by Larry-Scot Tips for Choosing a Countertop by Larry-Scot

     So, how does it happen? You see a countertop that ideally suits your kitchen, you fall in love with its shape, color and material, and that’s it. You want to buy it right now. But does it make any sense to listen to your impulsion?

          Just cool your head. Try to be practical and listen to your sensible inner voice. You should be careful in your choice to avoid cases when your countertop arrives home and appears to be cracked. Once I had such incident, and it was a very disappointing experience. So, next time I did a perfect work to choose the right item. I ended up with a cement countertop from Concrete Counter Top and I was happy with it.

          That’s why here is this article. Some prompts to make a right choice.

    1.    Suitability of interior and a countertop

          Well, to understand if this countertop suits your kitchen you should have a clear understanding of what you want, or a mockup available what your kitchen is going to look like. If it is possible as your contractors to supply you with 3D-mockup. Make your own mockup, even if it looks a little bit rough. Such actions will help you understand the future style of your kitchen. Otherwise you’re at risk to be disappointed and it may result even in cancelling the whole project!

    2.    Concrete countertops

          Cement (concrete) countertops are my favorite ones. It can be of different color, style, shape and it’s very versatile. Not as expensive as marble or granite. Doesn’t need regular maintenance. Suitable for every style you choose. Easy to deliver. Who can ask for more?

    3.    Traditional wood

          Personally, I bindingly claim that on my point of view wooden countertops are meant to be only in traditional houses. Google it, find pictures – don’t you agree with me? Wood is perfect for kitchens of traditional style. And wooden countertops in modern kitchens look like too hard, don’t they?

    4.    Contractor

          Speaking about contractors, you should find a good one. I would become a millionaire if I had a dime for every time when each contractor tried to assure me that they were very skilled in installing countertops. Well, I was born in a family of men who had skills in every area of work. So, I invited my friend to help me with my countertop, because it would be cheaper than to invite a professional. That was the first lesson for me: “cheaper” does not mean “better”. The result was awful and interior looked off-putting. I understood my mistake too late. And I had to overpay later to a professional. That is why it is so important to find the right, skilled and high-quality contractor.

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October 19, 2017
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