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The value of Participating in a Camping Trip by Larry-Scot

Each year about 30 million individuals from all across the globe leave their comfortable homes so as to sleep inside a tent, chat by a fire, participate in exhilarating activities or perhaps simply stare at the night sky. There are so many reasons for which individuals can indulge in a camping trip. These tours not only enhance one’s physical health but also relieve one of undue stress. For having a safe yet exciting experience in the lap of Mother Nature, make sure to learn all the essential do’s and don’ts.

Forget the stress busting toys or simply crying to sleep, just being outdoors can be exceptionally therapeutic. Trekking to teen travel camp sites, staying under the sun, and walking for prolonged periods are some of the low-impact exercises that are sure to be healthy for the individuals. According to Mohonk preserve summer camp, embracing the inner self would alleviate their anxiety levels of people. The amounts of serotonin in the human body would naturally increase, thus, improving their mood. For an agreeable, entertaining and relaxing experience, go for camping trips.

Well, a successful camp would only be possible if the individuals are prepared to follow certain tips. Let us explore some of them as they are mentioned below in brief.

Things to keep in mind when participating in Camping Trip

·         Prepare a list of items that you need to try

Make sure to chalk down the things that you would like to bring to a teen travel camp. If hiking is a part of your trip, then do not carry items in bulk for it would be difficult to carry a 50-pound package up to a mountain. Carry enough supplies and provisions.

·         Select an Appropriate Backpack

Camping organizations arranging trips in YMCA locations at Brooklyn state that ym-ywha campers need to choose a proper backpack. The volume is measured in liters. If your tour is scheduled for a week, make sure to choose a bag that is between 60 to 80 liters.

·         Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep

Although you do have to stay outdoors, make sure to sleep well. Carry proper tents, sleeping pads, pillows and sleeping bags so that you could sleep comfortably. The items need to be weather-resistant as one can never predict environmental inconsistencies.

·         Bring Essentials to light a Campfire

Campfires are an essential aspect and you do need to prepare for it. Do bring charcoal, wood, fire starters, newspaper, propane stove, matches, pot, utensils skillet and bowls so as to create a campfire successfully.

·         Eat Nutritious Food

Camping are generally exhausting, hence, do skip out the meals. Peanut butter, canned beans, health drinks, beef, granola bars, coffee and tea are some of the necessary foods that you need to carry with yourself. Also make sure to carry substantial amounts of water.

·         Dress to stay Comfy

Always keep in mind that camping could be a tad bit less tiring if you dress up properly. Cotton clothes are not that great as these outfits would not be suitable for woods. Choose synthetic outfits that could easily resist moisture, keeping your body cool and devoid of sweat.

·         Carry Devices to keep up the Fun

According to organizations YM-YWHA, individuals need to carry things that could keep them entertained during prolonged periods. Grab gadgets like video games, smartphones, and books as that would allow the trip to happen much seamlessly.

·         Remain Clean

Well, you are away from your home so getting dirty is natural. However, campers must try to keep themselves clean and for that reason carry toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper rolls, sanitizers, garbage bags etc.

·         Keep yourself Protected

Although you would be under the strict guidance of some proficient professionals, safety is one of those aspects that you need to take care of. Do not venture out in the dark on your own. Also carry medications in case someone falls sick.

·         Carry Additional Stuff that might Help

The Mohonk preserve summer camp advises campers to bring certain additional items like binoculars, maps, coolers, and folding chairs, in order to make the trip hassle-free. For more information, one can also seek expert suggestions.

·         Learn how to set up the Tents

Do not expect to enjoy a camping trip if you do not have the basic idea of how to and where to set up tents. Thus, make sure to seek professional assistance of an organization, where you get proper training and learn these things.

·         Secured footwear and First-aid Kits

Camping allows individuals to venture out in rough terrain and dense jungles, thus, make sure to proceed with utmost caution. Wear proper boots so that you can avoid sprains and muscle pulls. Also wear the right socks and carry first-aid kit for avoiding blisters, scrapes and cuts.

·         Stay safe from the Sun

Camping trips generally take place under the sun. So, make sure to apply sunscreen lotions and wear sunglasses, in order to stay safe from the ultraviolet radiations of the sun. Also drink water for avoiding dehydration.

·         Keep the Campsite Clean

Finally, yet importantly, do not create filth. Do not throw trash and make sure to put the fire out.

The aforementioned pointers are substantial facets that you must keep in mind while going on a teen travel camp. Taking these things into account would actually help you to prosper in a camping trip.

Now as you are aware about the dos and don’ts, let us see why the camps are specifically popular with kids. Recent studies have effectually manifested that teens, who participate in the camping trips are all set to have a proper adulthood. Want to know how? Well, please take a close look at the points mentioned below.

Ways in which Camps are Beneficial for Teens

·         Saying Yes to Working Together

The contemporary competitive world actually teaches the teens to move forward by hook or by crook. This may lead to selfishness. However, at camps, children do learn the proper meaning of teamwork. Here they are provided the opportunity work together. The hosts continually make the campers understand that one can be attain prosperity only if the team they are in performs well because there are certain aspects in life where individual action simply doesn’t matter.

·         Know the Importance of Flexibility and a Can-do Attitude

According to the reputed association of YM-YWHA, by participating in camps, teens do learn that failure is part of life and it is better to embrace it with dignity. The campers are taught the significance of resilience and how only confidence could allow them to progress and bring a revolution. For instance, in most of the modern-day camps, teens do need to undertake challenging activities and one of the most common among them is walking on ropes. While, it is natural for participants to fall, they are continuously motivated to try again. At the end, accomplishing such impossible task provides them with a sense of empowerment.

·         Learn to make Definite Decisions

This is the first place where teens are allowed to make their own decisions, no matter how much minor they are. Camp experiences instill confidence and develop competence in the individuals so that they can face all sorts of challenges that life throws. While in the modern world, most people suffer from hesitancy, being outdoors, away from unfamiliar locations allow campers with the potential to judge what is wrong and what is right. Individuals do learn necessary techniques so that they could know from whom they should take advice.

·         Camps Prepares a Teen for the Outer World

Camping trips are exceptionally important for they help in the all-round development of a kid. The sessions that are held for a week or so exposes the teens to unimaginable situations, accomplishing which builds their character and make them brave as well as determined so that they can focus on bigger things in life. While modern-day parents only concentrate so that their children could pass exams with optimum marks, it is only through camping trips that one can have new experiences, push their limits and accumulate comprehensive knowledge so that in the future, they could grow up to become an independent and productive adult.

·         Children can Grow up fast through Camp Experienced

According to associations offering trips at YMCA locations at Brooklyn, a camp nudges teens so that they can bid a farewell to their comfort zone and step out in the actual world. While conveniences tend to make our life smoother, in a camp, one needs to survive with limited resources under challenging environments so that he/she can be confident and ready for all kinds of adverse situations.

·         Relationships that would last a Lifetime

As mentioned earlier, in a teen travel camp, one needs to work together. Well, this obviously leads to healthy communications that in turn allows one to enter into positive connections for a lifetime. Teens would not only get friends but they would also get friendly guides in the form of camp hosts. Such relationships are noted for enriching one’s life to a great extent.

Thus, from the above-mentioned discussion, we could fairly conclude how camping trips could help individuals, specifically the teens.

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