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There are some stated rules that everybody should follow when making and using essential oils with the glass roller bottles. One should follow them to avoid some unfortunate reaction or other cases.
Rule 1
If you are in the first trimester of pregnancy, skip using EOs in whole. The following list of essential oils (though partial) should be avoided when a woman is pregnant or nursing:
·         Ginger                                                                                 
·         Aniseed
·         Lemon
·         Cinnamon
·         Lemon
·         Clary sage
·         Jasmine, etc.
Rule 2
Always check your sensitiveness to essential oils. It is very easy to do: a drop of EO combined with half of teaspoon of carrier oil (it can be jojoba or olive, or you may take sweet almond), and rubbed on the inside of your arm. Wait for some time, three or four hours will be enough. If there is no redness, irritation or itching, the essential oil is good for you.
Rule 3
Though a standard precaution, but this safety rule must be mentioned. All glass roller bottles and rollerball perfume bottle with EO must be kept away from children. One more precaution is avoiding contact with eyes.
Rule 4
Most of essential oils should never be used internally. As you may know, some of them are put into toothpaste, but it is generally stated that it’s not necessary to do that. Especially it is about eucalyptus oil and wintergreen. Be sure that your favourite rollerball perfume bottle with EO does not include toxic oil that can be harmful even through contact with skin.
Rule 5
Remember, more expensive does not always mean better quality. Choose the brand that you like and that you trust. If the price difference for one and the same oil is huge, consider the quality issue. If variation is small, then higher price means just a higher price, but not higher quality.
Rule 6
Make the purity test for your EO you are going to use.  To do that, take a roller ball bottles, a piece of construction paper and shed in a small drop onto it. If vaporization takes little time without any visible ring, then the purity is evident. If any ring visible, then it means that manufacturer diluted it with some other oil.
Rule 7
An essential oil expires in 5 or even 10 years! So, your glass roller bottles will supply you with your favorite EO for at least a decade! We hope, this will help you put up and feel a little relief with the cost of the essential oil. The reason is that the concentration of EO is so high, that even a drop of it will be enough for usage.
Rule 8

All essential oils should be stored in dark glass roller bottles, rollerball perfume bottle or roller ball bottles. Keep them away from direct rays of the sun. For some more aspects of storing EO see here.

Rule 9
Are you allergic to any food? Keep in mind that you are going to be allergic to the same essential oil.
Rule 10
Choose the OE to perk up your mood. Some of them (rosemary, for instance) helps to concentrate and be focused, while ylang-ylang may present you with happiness and joy. It’s up to you to choose.
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July 4, 2017
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