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Have you ever tried to choose Phillip Jeffries wallpaper for office?

According to statistics, an office worker spends six to ten hours a day at work. More than a third of our life we ​​are surrounded by grey office walls, which mostly suppress workability and desire to work just to observe formalities. But why force yourself and your employees to work when you can create an atmosphere that will motivate to work itself!

A very important role in this process is played by wallpapers. Due to the fact that walls in any office space attract a sufficient part of employees and customers attention, it is extremely important to make a thorough and careful choice. In addition to a neat look, Phillip Jeffries wallpaper may become a part of the symbolism of your company, so the color should match corporate colors as much as possible.

How to choose Phillip Jeffries wallpaper for office
In total, the right choice solves several problems simultaneously:
• visual adjustment of the room size;
• visual elimination of wall or repair defects;
• creating a harmonious and working atmosphere in the office.

Before buying Phillip Jeffries wallcovering, it is necessary to determine exactly which category of working premises they belong to. Conditionally, all offices can be divided into several types, depending on the tasks that are performed in them.

Work room for managers, secretaries, accountants. In this office daily activities are carried out, which requires maximum attention, then color solution of the wallpapers should be in calm classical tones: beige, light gray, light green, etc.

Top manager’s office, as well as meeting rooms. The look of these rooms is largely characterized by the company's management, so Phillip Jeffries wallcovering color is better to be coordinated with the designer. The color solution of the walls of conference hall should be harmoniously combined with general interior of the room, which can be achieved only by an experienced designer. DIY performance in this matter is best to be minimized.

Director's office. The first days of a new director's work are characterized by repainting the walls. This observation explains a lot that the wallpapers color in a director's office depends only on his preferences. If office is not for negotiating, then wallpapers can be both in bright juicy colors, and in calm classical tones. The only requirement is that the director is extremely comfortable to work in such conditions.

Wallpaper for the office
Naturally, the dominant color of wallpapers of Phillip Jeffries in many ways determines the mood of employees. This was proved by scholars in the middle of the last century. To achieve the desired spirit of colleagues, it is desirable to take into account that yellow color and its derivatives cause optimism and good mood, and on the contrary, dark blue and dark green suppress the psyche, and it is extremely difficult for people to work in premises with a predominance of these colors.
As a rule, one of the manager tasks is to create maximum working team while reducing the costs of servicing premises and resources. Solve the second difficulty will help correct selection of a Phillip Jeffries wallpaper type.

For office space, paper, vinyl and non-woven wallpaper are great.
Paper wallpaper is inexpensive, it is easy to stick, but they are short-lived and give some cheapness to the office.
Wallpaper on a vinyl base, on the contrary, are durable and have a solid look, so they are considered the best solution for offices.
Non-woven wallpaper gives the room a cozy atmosphere. This kind is great for many groups, since non-woven wallpaper is suitable for washing.

Office repair and wallpaper replacement is quite a troublesome and costly action. Therefore, in order to save your money and time, it is advisable to carefully approach the choice of office wallpapers that the mood of the team and your profit depends on.

Wallpapers of Phillip Jeffries are of different color and prints, different style and for everyone’s taste. The psychological aspect in the wallpaper choice should always be observed and considered. Especially it is about Phillip Jeffries wallcovering colors, so in the following paragraphs we will make a focus on them.

By choosing a wallpaper color we don’t choose only what interior will look like. We choose the mood and everyday spirit of people who work or live in the building. As the color experts say that one should choose color just as he or she wants to feel a room. There is a simple advice: close your eyes and try to imagine already decorated room. Tell the colors, decorations, feelings in this room. The first picture in your imagination will be the most correct and complying with what you really want.

The color can communicate with your brain, so let’s see what exactly they are telling us about.

We start with

·         Red

Phillip Jeffries Wallpapers Therapeutic Effect by Larry-Scot

It is a color of physical stimulation. It influences work of respiration, increases heart rate and makes people feel more energetic. But red color bears both positive and negative effect; apart from energy and love, it may be also associated with anger and annoyance. This color draws attention, so using red Phillip Jeffries wallpaper in interior, especially in offices, should be carefully considered. Well, to be honest, the Red Room in the White House was and still is thought as a smart choice of design.

·         Black

Untitled by Larry-Scot

Black color has always been considered as a strong color. And people’s reaction to it is always primal, as it raises mysterious, dangerous and powerful atmosphere around. For instance, a black lacquer on the entry to a building or apartment, can express formality and splendor. But when used as an expand, for example, a black tunnel in the kitchen can visibly widen the space, providing it with unlimited quality.

·         Gray

Untitled by Larry-Scot

Gray color is associated with intellect and wisdom. With gray Phillip Jeffries wallpaper on the walls, the atmosphere of trust, authority and strong foundation is established. Although gray is quite a neutral color, still it is very sophisticated and sleek. In the home interior is not so fashionable, may be because on the market shades of the color are more industrial. But with the modern undertones of Phillip Jeffries wallcovering, tending to brown or blue, gray may be combined with every color you like.

·         Brown

Phillip Jeffries Wallpapers Therapeutic Effect by Larry-Scot

Brown refers to the ground. With such Phillip Jeffries wallpaper the atmosphere of stability and reliability is achieved. Well, in fact, neutral brown is not always so fashionable, but warm shades of it – from soft brown to the shades of dark espresso – always look trendy.

·         Pink

Phillip Jeffries Wallpapers Therapeutic Effect by Larry-Scot

Combination of red tones and the poor white color represents sweet and romantic with the touch of innocent interior style. Such colors are not good for office, but they appeal powerfully for the women who are in their age. Pink wallpapers of Phillip Jeffries remind people who live in such interior about carefree time of their youth.
Pink alone is considered to be precisely feminine color. But in combination with gray or brown shades it makes a very calm and beautiful neutral atmosphere.

·         White

Phillip Jeffries Wallpapers Therapeutic Effect by Larry-Scot

White is the very start, it is a symbol of brand new beginning. Also it brings purity and neutrality. Although sometimes white can be quite old and sterile, in most cases we accept it positively. If you decided to choose white Phillip Jeffries wallpaper, then remember that there very few really whites, so turn your eye to undertones.

·         Purple

Phillip Jeffries Wallpapers Therapeutic Effect by Larry-Scot

Purple is loved by women, but in modern world more and more men admit that they also like this color, as it brings some mysterious, royal and creative mood and even some eccentric atmosphere. True purple can be too strong color for the eye to accept. That is why choose Phillip Jeffries wallpaper of purple leaning to red or blue undertone.

·         Blue

Phillip Jeffries Wallpapers Therapeutic Effect by Larry-Scot

Blue is an absolute favourite for everybody. This is our life constant, human beings live between blue water and sky. Blue color stands in with trust. That’s the reason why the uniform of our authority is blue, and why businesses choose logos of blue color. From a medical point of view, blue color slows down respiration and the heartbeat. This color is a perfect choice for walls in your bedroom, but not for office.   

·         Green

Untitled by Larry-Scot

Want some calmness and silence with birds singing? Look at the Phillip Jeffries wallpaper of green color! Connection with nature’s positive growth and renewal.  Good health, positive growth and renewal are the direct associations with green.

·         Yellow

Untitled by Larry-Scot
Happy thoughts and optimistic look you have when surrounded by Phillip Jeffries wallpaper of yellow tones.
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