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Yesterday I discovered a whole brave new world for myself. Well, technically it is not new, but it is definitely brave.
This is a world of remote control models. I was actually dreaming about rc excavator when I was little. Then my parents bought me some cars, but it was far away from an rc excavator. I also had some planes and soldiers of course. Then finally I got a cool rc excavator. But unfortunately, it broke down very fast.

Now that I am an adult, I sometimes buy toys for my own kid. They usually break down very quickly as well. There were some more expensive ones, but on a closer examination, they all seemed pretty weak and cheap looking. I mean, they had poor construction and lots of flimsy plastic parts. Pretty much like my rc excavator.

But yesterday some friends of mine gave me a cool rc car to try. It felt like from another world. Of course, it was no rc excavator from my childhood. This one looked like a professional thing, the one that was like a real car, only smaller. It was scaled 1:18; it had two channel controls and a small electric motor.

The first thing that hit me was the quality of the structure. 100% unmodified car was distinguishable by its particular quality. Everything is on its places, no unnecessary parts or anything frankly wrong. And it had nothing in common with the cars from the shop, while being in the same price range. The car's performance made the second hit. This small piece of plastic that weighed only two kilograms managed to make 40 kilometers per hour within 20 meters. And my friends told that it was nothing special. They said that I should see tuned ones. I immediately recalled an rc excavator from my childhood.

So I decided to check these things on the Internet. This article helped a little bit. I discovered that you could get pretty much anything. Some can ride in the dirt, and others are fully speed oriented, some can even swim or fly. You can buy them completely assembled, or you can do it by yourself from scratch. The last straw that broke the camels’ back was a video of totally grown-up men imitating a real activity with their rc toys. There was an rc excavator there that was digging earth, and other cars were leveling off the ground, some of them transported dirt. The imitation was almost perfect. It was a real sandbox for grown-ups. Each of them must have had an rc excavator of their own. Just like me.

And the prices for entering that world are pretty reasonable for an adult. There is a child now raging inside of me. After all, I’m grown and independent enough to afford an rc car for myself.

But which one do I get? The first visit to the hobby shop shocked me a little bit. I didn't find any rc excavator there, but instead, there were many obscure and strange things there. And it seemed like everyone was talking in another language while using regular words. I didn’t understand anything. Where is my explanatory dictionary?

I immediately rushed on the Internet to not make a fool out of myself the next time I’m there. Everything became a little bit clearer to me. So now it was time to decide on the purchase. Firstly, I want an electrical model. I had an rc excavator, and now my son will also have something cool. Secondly, I need some car that I could spare. It should not mind where to ride. And it should bring a decent amount of satisfaction. It means that I will be able to find all the necessary parts in the nearest shop to assemble it myself.

I thought that I would decide on the price range on the spot. I was ready that it would be a little bit more expensive than my rc excavator. I think that the concept of prices for rc toys is similar to prices for computer hardware. The best ones cost like airplanes. Good quality with slightly worse characteristics is usually 30% cheaper. And you definitely don’t want the cheapest ones.

Opening the doors of a shop for the second time I was more prepared for the abundance that was ready to fall right on top of me. I decided to not pose myself as a know-it-all because it is a really pitiful sight for anyone who digs. Instead, I admitted that I was buying a car for a kid. I just didn’t mention which kid. I also mentioned that they could trick me of course, but I would not come back to them in that case. And I already had big plans.

The saleswoman was surprised a little bit at first, but she probably decided to try anyway. Together with some dude they quickly ruined my plans on buying a certain model and began selecting a model based on my requirements. So, anyway, I’m a happy owner of a 4x4 monster truck now. Best truck of 2015 and so on and so on. It was very different from my rc excavator. I then checked it on the Internet. It proved salespeople right. People know this model, and nobody complains about it. It means that the choice was right.

With a box in hands I rush to my kid to the kindergarten, then we both walk home really fast and finally unpack the car using all four hands.

There is almost everything we need to start riding inside that box, except for the batteries for the remote controller. That’s a pity. We immediately dissect a couple of other toys, get the batteries, and the remote controller is on. We know it by the green light. Constantly checking the manual, we begin connecting the wires with our shaking hands. Then I push the button on a car, and it responds with two lights: red and green! Everything is according to the manual.

I push the controls, and the wheels go turning. My son jumps and tears the remote controller right out of my hands. There is the first bump against a wall. There is a first fallen chair. I command: to the street!

It all started with an rc excavator by Larry-Scot

But there was a huge disappointment waiting for us on the street. A discharged battery allowed our car to go just a few meters before stopping. What an epic fail!

We take the car, go home, clean the wheels, and put the batteries to charge. I am reading the instructions; my son is reading the catalog (with colorful pictures). We occasionally touch the car and compare it with pictures. I think about my rc excavator once again.

We both look at the batteries almost every minute. The lights are red, and it means that they are charging. We sometimes touch it to see if it’s not hot or anything. Anyway, it was time to sleep eventually. We put the car safely so it wouldn’t fall incidentally at night and so everyone could see it. Then we hardly fall asleep.

It’s 6:30 AM on my clock. It means 20 more minutes before the alarm. But I hear some noises. I crawl to my son’s room and catch him with a car in his hands. All right, so he got ahead of me. I need to save my face now and act like I know everything. Basically, I need to act like a dad. So I make a quick briefing on safety and how to handle a car. Then we disconnect everything and connect it all again. Then I make my son do it all on his own. All I have to do now is try and recall the instruction that I read yesterday, while still feeling sleepy.

This is it, assembling and disassembling is finished. Now we can turn it on again. I take the car in my hands, and my son takes the remote controller. It roars and almost bursts right out of my hands. Yesterday's squeal was nothing compared to this. My son jumps out of his skin, and I tell him to slow down. We look at each other and relaunch the truck. Wow! Again! Amazing! My cat is prudent enough to run away as far as she can. While playing enthusiastically, we almost miss the moment when it’s time to go to the kindergarten. We disconnect everything and look at the car while getting ready. My son makes me take a truck with us so we can go to play right after I pick him up. I agree and immediately imagine how fun it will be playing with it during my workday. It’s hard to realize that it all actually started many years ago when my parents bought me that rc excavator. It was my favorite toy back then, and I hope this monster truck will be as much fun for my son. And it also brings back so many memories for me. And I’m sure we both will enjoy this little piece of plastic and wires.

Anyway, it’s even better than Hot Wheels!
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July 14, 2017
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