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When you imagine a sunny day, summer and a green park, what sound emerges in your imagination? We bet it is kids’ shouts and laughter, isn’t it? Their energy is endless; they get through an astounding amount of activities climbing, chasing, jumping – energizers forever! But have you ever thought about concentrating that energy in a program of health & fitness? So, Kings Bay Y teen travel camp has already considered that issue!
The staff of a travel camp consists of professional who are ready to provide your kids with lots of summer activities. Kids make new friends, learn basic things how to become a leader of their life. They learn to realize that fitness and health must be incorporated into their everyday life, and with time it’s much harder involve them into life.
Kings Bay Y teen travel camp’s program provides knowledge for teens to understand clearly the importance of health and fitness. Developed and structured program helps to promote a healthy way of life. We encourage children to take part in lots of activities, and our professional staff helps them to get benefits from being active. Those benefits are:
·  Immune system to be boosted
Being active performs miracles with your kid’s immune system. Whatever they are doing, any physical action makes your child disease-resistant. And here in travel camp we mean not only common cold and allergy, but even such serious illnesses like cancer.
·  Weight to be improved and balanced
Children’s metabolism is hugely improved by active free time, when they are running and moving. Younger generation experiences fast work of digestive system, because regular exercises provide proper function of it and allow keeping a healthy body weight.
·  Mental health to be increased
Health & fitness perform miracles with our brain! Beneficial hormones are boosted every fun activity, while harmful hormones are lowering. Anxiety and depression step away, while the level of concentration increases. Include physical activity into your kid’s daily routine, and you’ll be amazed with the result.
To sum it up, if you want to find a travel camp not only interesting, new and one-of-a-kind, but also providing your children with health and fitness activities, you are welcome to Kings Bay Y teen travel camp.
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July 4, 2017
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