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In the middle of 80s the government of the US liberalized units with sealed beams of round and rectangular forms. Both NHTSA and IIHS, two large agencies dealing with safety issues, are targeted to influence in the performance of headlights due to general rating of all new cars, and later the most efficient will be honored with awards. So, we decided to make a visit to Osram Sylvania. The Tier 2 company deals with supplying of auto lightning, and always strives to figure out what is new on the market.

Halogen headlamps
Over 20 years have passed from the time when BMW used HID headlamps for the first time. They were fit to autos of E32 7-series. In the middle of 90s the first auto from America with HIDs was Lincoln Mark VIII.  But anyway, halogen lamps were still very cheap and operative, that’s why manufacturers couldn’t refuse from them fully. The biggest part of the market (almost 80%) relied on this kind of lamps.

Osram Sylvania foresees that fifth part of new cars will be fitted with LED lights 4 less. Some cars, such as Ford Explorer and Toyota Corolla, are fitted with ordinary light-emitted diodes low-beams. Under the reason of tightening the regulating process of fuel efficiency , LED lights4less will be a key factor in reduction of energy consumption. If compared to halogen bulbs with their 65 watts of power, or HID with its 42 watts, LED lights draw only up to 18 watts. Their rise time period is only a millisecond. If compare LED with incandescent bulb, then the last one is not fast at all, almost 250 times slower. That’s why LED lighting 4 less so practicable especially for brake lights.

But the largest low note for LED lights 4 less is their high production cost. And it has always been this way, and it will always be the same way. The reasons are:

    ·         Investors in LED lights4less avoid standardized fix-ups.

    ·         Each car is fitted with LED lighting 4 less in different way.

    ·         Each LED headlamp it is necessary to provide with almost 140 components.

    ·         Models are overhauled every 3 - 6 years, and that’s why retooling expenses are not acceptable. Everything is done manually. As a result and consequently, the price is increasing.

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July 5, 2017
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