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Beautiful and comfortable kitchen is a desire of every person. Some embody this dream with the help of designers and expensive building materials, while others use private imagination and skill. For example, concrete countertops made by their own hands is absolutely feasible. In addition, it will not be anything different from similar marble countertops. DIY concrete countertops can be found in any home. You can be proud of your product.

Benefits of concrete products

Such solution for the design of the kitchen space helps to solve several problems of durability, cost and uniqueness. If you still decide to make DIY concrete countertop, then it's important to follow technology. In this case, resulting product will be strong and durable, because concrete is not too exposed to the surrounding factors.

In its favor, the cost is also said; it will save a lot when performing kitchen decoration. And, in fact, the resulting countertop visually can practically not differ from marble. And for those who love original things, it's nice to be able to make such a unique thing that the second one simply will not be any more.

The resulting kitchen countertops can be processed and decorated with any different components - stones, turtles, coins, tiles. The space for decorating items can be limited only by your imagination and taste preferences.

It is worth knowing that at the stage of drying concrete countertop mix all decorative materials will be under the influence of fluids. Therefore, all processing elements must be resistant to such effects. If there is a desire to use different pictures or pictures in the scenery, then they must first be tamed. After the scenery, the film will be invisible, but it will help save the content.


Regardless of the end result of the manufacturing process, you first need to create a project. The completed drawing will facilitate the presentation of the entire production process, will help to predict and exclude possible errors and difficulties. If you say in general, the drawing will greatly facilitate performance of all works.

First you need to find out which components your kitchen set up is. To do this, you need to study the existing list of similar products and stop choosing the right option. After that it is necessary to find out exact sizes of the future countertop under concrete. To find it out, it is necessary to measure length with the width of the empty area, taking into account the objects of furniture that are nearby. In the event that the product is faced with an angle, it is necessary to measure the angle, as in fact it may not be straight.

For normal and full functioning, the thickness of concrete countertops should not be less than 5 centimeters. Because in this case, the mass of products greatly increases.

Location of the sink in the kitchen is also of great importance, its size and shape. It will be much better to buy a sink before starting to make a product. In this case, the hole will be easier, and the result will be more precise. No less important is the location of a tap, because it will require a hole.

In the case of a built-in sink, it is necessary to check if it does not come with a flap on the concrete countertops. If everything is okay then you can start to make a template for the hole. To do this, turn the sink and circle with building pencil.

In the case of an overhead sink, it is necessary to measure the inside part where it will come in contact with the overlay part. If the inner part does not have a rectangular shape, it is worth doing a rectangular pattern according to the largest dimensions of the inner part. The main thing is to make a hole so that the sink is fitted. It is even allowed to make the hole a little more necessary.

Now you can draw real-size drawings using the data obtained. To do this, you will need a sheet of plastic or chipboard. On it and carry out designing. We apply all the required sizes and holes very carefully and thoroughly, everything should be as close as possible to the intended product.

Necessary materials and tools

Before you go to the store for purchases, it's worth determining everything that will be needed. Even with accurate knowledge of the size of your countertop, it will be better to purchase building materials with a small margin. Situations may be different, so it's best to be foreseeable.

AS it is described in Concrete Countertop Solutions website, concrete countertops for their manufacture may require the following list of materials and tools:

• concrete solution (components for its mixing - cement, sand, water);

• capacity for mixing;

• industrial mixer or drill with a special nozzle;

• roulette;

• trowel;

• building level;

• spatula;

• you can buy a ready-made concrete mortar, but then the components for mixing are not needed;

• profiles will be needed to handle the edge of the desktop;

• wooden beams and MDF board to create formwork;

• reinforcing rods;

• a screwdriver will be needed to collect the formwork;

• plasticizer for solution;

• electric jigsaw;

• liquid nails;

• angle grinder with a set of nozzles;

• materials for decorating and processing;

• grinding machine.

Special shoes with clothes must be prepared, because the process of concrete countertops manufacturing a design is enough brands. In order not to breathe a concrete dust over a tabletop, it is necessary to prepare a protective mask with glasses. It is better to first overdo than to get damaged then.

It is necessary to realize that the initial color of the building material - this is the shade produced countertops. A special color for concrete can be used to reproduce a special shade or color.

Stages of work

Regardless of the product being manufactured, you need to find out its size and shape first. If the old countertop should be replaced, then you can use its measurements. If the production of an entirely new product takes place, it is worth taking the measurement of the foundation, as well as taking into account the existing requirements for the selected premises.

In order to have a template in front of the eyes, you can try to draw drawings on the desktop, it is allowed to not even perform markings for different types of holes. Next you will need a full-size template. To do this, you need to take a sheet of hardboard, of such size that, as a result, a complete template has come out. If the card is a small size, then for the real volume of the product will have to glue the details. If there is a big cardboard, then simply simply cut the required layout. When the template is ready, you need to make sure that it is fully matched. To check it is necessary to put it on the desired area and make sure that all are accurate and there are no distortions. After such checks, the concrete worktop will come out quickly and easily. Now you need to split the template into separate parts. Once in their hands are ready-made detailed patterns, then you can start the production of the product itself.

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