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Auto Lights are gaining a New Dimension Technology by Larry-Scot

Motoring out in the dark amongst some of the toughest weather conditions or even treacherous hilly roads calls for some good lighting for a vehicle. A strong set of head or tail lights goes a great length in securing the safety of a car driver or other occupants.

Where to Look?

It’s true in this age of the internet nothing is seen upon as impossible to gather or get a hold of. The online platform has so far provided immense scope for companies of various sectors to showcase and sell their products or services. Perhaps one of the more frequently searched upon sectors is that of the automotive.

The technological evolution of automobiles is going forward in leaps and bounds. And with it has also come forth the utmost need of maintaining the best possible accessory essentials. Auto Lights 4 Less is one of the best answers to that of a search for auto lights. This is an online based retailer like many others in the market that has several solutions for automobile lighting. Auto light bulbs for various models of cars, motorcycles, trucks are all just a mouse click away.

Tail lights, signal lights, interior lights, headlights and even dome lights are all available under one roof. The extensive line of products are more or less manufactured in the United States and are all certified by the concerned authorities. Till date lighting manufacturers have excelled in the sphere of after sales service to the customers that have in turn helped in the growth of the repute over the years.

A word on The Work:

In order to write a bit in detail on the scale of work and undertaking so far, then, it must be said, automotive lighting companies have been satisfying customers for more than three decades with a client base that is well spread across numerous nations. Not only do the companies have stock inclusive of some of the best available car and vehicle lighting products but also go on to the length of manufacturing, exporting and importing.

Why Rely?

If as a customer one is to visit the one stop online lighting related product stores then, it is the very latest in technology that is used which would stand out at the very first instance. The technology use has helped the companies develop better products stemmed from excellent savings. Anyone ordering through the online store would acknowledge the fact of how easy it is to order the auto light bulbs.

Once ordered, it doesn’t take long for the companies to process the order with every bit of information like that of the payments and address of the customer is kept under utmost secrecy. Should there be any difficulties faced by the customers, a very competent team of customer care executives is always ready to help out. The problems addressed can be from answering queries on the product, technical related questions or simply handling the aspects of an order that has been placed.

Most reputed lighting product companies only let it go when the customer at the other end is satisfied to the utmost. The service range is further backed up with options like a risk-free guarantee. On a period of 30 days, money back guarantee is provided for all products sold that too by ensuring every warranty claim is forwarded to the respective manufacturers.

So what exactly is the Available Product Type or Category?

The product category range is vast involving every necessary car or vehicle type and model that goes on as;

•        Halogen based headlights

•        HID Headlight

•        Halogen Fog Headlights

•        The incandescent sealed beam

•        Incandescent mini bulb

•        Load Resistors

•        Fog Light Reflector

•        Grille Inserts

•        Grommet

•        Headlight Reflector Assembly

•        Powerful HID Xenon Lights

•        Lights for Off-road trips

•        Wiring kits for the lights

•        Turn signal lights

•        LED Mini Bulbs and more

The brands that most customers search for are that of the well known KC Hilites, Westin, Hella, Putco and Osram Sylvania. Thus regardless of the customer’s vehicle type, be it a car or a jeep and even big trucks, a customer can find almost every lighting based accessory with the manufacturer’s online sellers.

The companies are never short of providing adequate information to the interested customers. For instance, as a company, autolights4less provides its own published newsletters that can be subscribed to by a customer. Here the latest of news and offers get published which is to be availed through the signing up procedure of the newsletter. All a customer is required to do is provide his or her email address.

Companies also have a strong social media presence. They have their own community that can be followed upon by the customers on social media platforms. Most have their web presence available for 24 hours with connectivity over emails, social media, and the latest of apps, telephones, and fax.

About Payments and Shipping:

The lighting product companies are all well equipped to ship the products across the globe. In recent times, for some companies, the distribution network has been spread to newer territories and countries. Shipment of orders is carried out in the truest of senses, involving adequate protection for the goods. Consignment tracking facility on a provision from most manufacturer and retailer companies helps customers in tracking the orders they have placed.

Innovation is the Key:

To survive the onslaught of rising competition, most automotive lighting companies have recognized by now the need to constantly upgrade and innovate. The most indigenous design of lighting products should also have the latest of technology driven standards which will prove to be economic. The least a car or a vehicle owner wants is expenses bearing heavy on their pockets.

The sector of automotive lighting has itself come a long way when looked back upon involving a growth span of more than a century. To get a hint of how far lighting accessories have come since it all began, a latest in-line car headlamp is made of LED light bulbs, mechatronic actuators, various chips for enhanced lighting functions that are in turn controllable by networks.


Some auto lights manufacturers have been supplying products that have overall low power consumption. Carbon footprints of major vehicle manufacturers are reduced in this fashion to be kept well within the limits by the clever use of available technology. Lighting products are all kept to be free from lead or mercury which also helps in protecting the environment.

Electronically Controlled:

Competence of the various lighting products along with efficiency had got a new lease of life when electronic control units were introduced close to two decades ago. The lighting control units are all made according to the various architecture of vehicles, inclusive of integrated software. A LED bulb type electronically controlled lighting application is normally found to be present in the front position lights or the rear parking lights along with reverse gear lights, interior lights and even on license plates. The functioning of the lights in every usage condition can extend for years.

It is the semiconductor technology that has surfaced which helps the control units to imply more road safety and comfort for the passengers of a vehicle.


As most car or vehicle owners would agree, the need to upgrade and the update seems to be prevalent on a regular basis. The manufacturers are designing their range of headlamps and tail lights keeping this trend in mind. The older halogen versions are fast undergoing replacement by vehicle owners with the very new and better xenon lights.

How Much Better:

Xenon based headlamps have some of the characteristics as listed below;

•   The illumination standard or level is high

•   The range of luminous accessories are quite a few and more importantly

•  The light emitted is whiter in shade compared to the previous dim halogen lights.

When a vehicle’s lights are this string, spotting of a potential hazard waiting in the middle of a road becomes easy. The road signs with directions as is found on the side of a road are also easily read and understood while driving when equipped with powerful lights.

Easy Installation:

Installation of headlamps these days just takes a couple of minutes at the most. The headlamps come featured with cable based harness and a list of detailed instructions that come much handy during installation. A single skilled motor technician can easily carry out the replacement of the old and fitting of the new lights.

When we seemed to have discussed enough on the benefits and use of exterior car lighting in this piece, we might also delve a bit in interior lighting. The interior lighting has everything in the store from colored LED strips to inspection lights. The internal ambiance of a car can be put to course with a correct set of light shades. The brightness of the lights in a vehicle’s interior can be well adjusted with a remote. The LED strips alone, for instance, are of multiple light colors with various operating modes all controllable by remote devices.

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