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Eldritch Cthulhu Idol IV

By Laroche
Carved by hand. Made out of soapstone I ordered from Oregon USA.
I like the lovely green colour of the stone.

Took around one day to carve from a rectangular block and one day for sanding and polishing.
I used candle-wax for polishing. It took around 1 hour to heat up the statue on low heat and after
the wax was applied it took some 3 hours for the statue to cool down again.
The statue is 6" tall and the rectangular base is 2,2" x 2,3" and weighs 4,19 lbs.
(16,5 cm tall, 5,6 x 7 cm at the base, weight 1,9 kg.)

This is the first soapstone-project I have done in 17 years. 

Done after being inspired by the work by Coppercentipede:
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Very good work! Since Lovecraft always suggested his Cthulhu Cult was worldwide, I've always assumed you would see a wide variety of styles used to represent that god, and all of them handmade. That choice of soapstone really added to the piece!
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Thank you! =) I agree with you about the cult being worldwide!
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I love this! It reminds me of the original sketch, but with a realistic, eldritch touch..

Really nice work!
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Thank you! =)
I had the original sketch in mind when I made this one.
That is great and hefty.  Love the angles and curves as everything comes together at the top of the tentacles.  Are you finishing this with anything like wax?  I wonder what that combined with a heat gun would do to a sample bit of stone.  This stuff has amazing thermal qualites, apparently. 
I have a work in progress on a chunk of soapstone also based on CopperCentipedes' tiny soapstone carvings.  His stylized, yet simple work in carving the likeness of Cthulhu in wood is some of the best I've seen for cool factor.
And, props to Propnomicon!
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Thank you. =)

I heated the statue on my stovetop and tested with a candleend when it was hot enough to start waxing.
I used an old candleend for the wax and then I polished it into the stone.
I did notice one drawback thou, if I get a scuff on the waxed layer on the stone it turns white. That is a bit of an annoyance.
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Excellent work! Just saw this on propnomicon and was impressed.... always interested to see others working in stone. Thought this was a miniature until I read the description... shame the scale is not so obvious in the photo. Looks great though! I am partial to the multiple eyes. : )

I get a lot of inspiration from others on propnomicon, to see someone drawing inspiration from something I do is exciting.
...Reminds me I never posted photos of the piece I did after finishing it, just the plaster versions.
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I am also a fan of multiple eyes one reason being Cthulhu is depicted like that in H.P Lovecrafts own drawing.
I did look around and could not find the finished statue on your page so the finished statue would be very cool to see. =)

My statue does look a bit small in the photo I agree. I just tried to get a nice photo, forgot about the scale bit.
I was thinking of trying to carve scales on his body but I think I need more training before trying something complicated like that,
especially in soapstone.

I got one big lump of stone left to have fun with thou, and this one has a nice green and orange colour mixed into it.
Got my stones from a man that sells them in Oregon USA.

I am no expert in soapstone quality, but this one was very nice to carve, especially when after wetting it a couple of time to clean off the dust it got easier to carve and form.

I love to look through Propnomicons page too, its always one or two pieces that draws the eyes and the imagination, and then there is always the one statue that makes one want to stop making stuff forever and cry under a rock, its just to great. =D

You are a great source for inspiration, you have many cool statues and pieces to inspire!
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Well done! I am very impressed.

Propnomicon featured it -… Cheers! :D

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Thank you for telling me Brian! =)

I found it at the blog earlier this morning, I usually look around at Propnomicon for inspiration. =)
Its a great site. =)
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