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a parasapient tragedy

she wandered out into the world
to find the truth ungilded
and as the paths of lies unfurled
she found herself bewildered

she dug a hole in which to hide
and locked the gate above
the more she found to learn outside
the less she knew to love.

acrylic on masonite, approx. 14 x 23" unframed
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Jun 6, 2006, 6:00:38 PM
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Curious what the yellow rose represents in the window? Usually yellow represents warmth, friendship ...feelings of optimism..which is quite the opposite of the energy given off by this woman. maybe it is what she once was, prior to what led her here? In eastern cultures the color represents joy, wisdom and power. Sad..very sad.  
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There's a lot of amazing detail in this one, but I think the bows are my favourite bit.
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I would love to know what is going on inside you head when you create something like this. Amazing piece, with so much going on. The detail of the little frog prince coming out of the egg really caught me attention. Also, the texture of the woman's skin is very well done.
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super creepy !
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thanks very much! :D
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I so very much love your works. you're really talented, you're a good inspiration. keep up the wonderful job! :D
larkin-art's avatar
thank you very much! :)
Atrapado's avatar
you're welcome! :D
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Was this a cover of The Sinner? Just curious, it is quite familiar...
larkin-art's avatar
yay, you remembered! yes, it was...actually, I'm in the process of framing this right now for the HaLo show, it will be the first time i've exhibited it. Come see it in person!
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Ah, I figured. Just curious.
This painting has set up house in my soul and causes me to twitch with a covetousness bordering on desperation. This IS the portrait of my personal darknesses. Not only is it just staggeringly beautiful, but I don't think I've ever so helplessly and entirely related to a piece of art before. The poem makes it even more perfect. I've only been this much in painting-love once before. And that one, I finally managed the excellent fortune to own, after longing for years.

I particularly adore the eyes and skin, in colour and in texture. And the wall. And the mirror. And the rose. I could compose love songs to this painting, though. Perhaps I will.
larkin-art's avatar
you're too kind, thank you for your affection for the piece! :D
incidentally I enabled the print button, so it should be available for a print in a couple days...
usually how that works...
thanks again, I love your silver smithing and bow before your metal beastie skills!
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Simply amazing :+favlove:
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so dramatic...

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I lik ethis, it sits well with me, strikes a cord, well done :hug:
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There’s so much to look at and ponder… those crazy bows on her hair, tiny frog prince, dried snake skin and coloured eggs popping out… olives, nautilus, fading flower… swiss army knife… rose in mirror … what could be infinity symbols on the baseboard and what could be birds on the wall… :faint: She looks so demoralized – and no wonder, according to your poem her opinion of humanity doesn’t enthrall her…and she’s mourning for what might have been… She’s creepy but at the same time I’d like to be able to comfort her… This is totally fascinating, beautifully done!
larkin-art's avatar
thanks a lot! a lot of the symbolism is personal, though much of it is pretty traditional too...i do have fun with these still life elements:)
Yugan's avatar
very stricking and emotional. i like the piece of poetry that accompanies this piece. the figure is very good, morbid, but good. i like morbid after all XD the globed mirror is fantastic.
larkin-art's avatar
thanks very much!:aww: i appreciate it.
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i like her eyes-looks and foot
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