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Been doing a lot of portrait photography in the last couple of months, trying to put a bit of my own style in it. Hope you like it.
I devoted a part of my website (that hasn't been build yet) to some 'sketch' like works, at first I was trying to make a sketch daily... but... you know how the story goes ;)

Anyway, it turned out to be a simple website with some photography, some sketches, some 3d tryout things, some creature work, some image retouching, etc etc...

So if you want to see something new made by me, and you don't want to wait a couple of months (;)) you can take a look:

and please, let me know what you think :)
Check out:

new Twisted Realmz

Breed & Abnormis
Thanks for the comments on the Dreamscape series. More new stuff: soon, I hope

Still experimenting with photography/illustration ;)


Check out:

new Twisted Realmz

Breed & Abnormis
New stuff coming up (Twistedrealmz released the 'hope' issue) I will post one image a day ;)

Experimenting with photography/illustration

Hope you like it, my dreamscape


Check out:

new Twisted Realmz

Breed & Abnormis
It has been a while, but there are three new images up now. They've gotten a lot of attention; thanks again everyone who viewed, commented or even fav-ed them :)


Check out:

Twisted Realmz
It has been a while, a silent time for me...but finally breed is up again, and ofcourse that brings some new stuff of mine :)

Alas, I only got one new image for the mega release of breed... sad about that :( My lack of time is to blame for that I guess... I will however make more the next time... promise

This is, however only part one... soon Twistedrealmz III will release as well... and with that comes more experimental stuff from me.

Hope you will come back for part II as well ;)



Still: check out:
New Breed, Twisted Realmz and Abnormis ;)
It's been a while since I last posted some new work, I know. I am still busy... and will post new things in november, hope to get your comments when I do ;)

In the mean time check out:
New Breed, Twisted Realmz and Abnormis ;)
New Breed chapter is out.

And as of yesterday you can see my stuff at Abnormis as wel ;)
Twisted Realmz Issue 2 is out, go and see ;)
Check out the new release from Breed I'm in it ;)

Very happy about that :)
Just to let you know: I am still working on a few pieces and ideas (it's been a while since a last posted something here) but it will take some time before I release them. FYI :)


Twisted Realms check it out ;) (Wink)
Twisted Realms check it out ;)
That's a nice wakeup: I went online  this mornig to find out I'm a daily  deviation and find my newest work to  have been watched over 2000 times and  added to the fav's 69 times :) (Smile)

Like to wake up to that more often ;) (Wink)

Thx everyone :) (Smile)  you made my day
First entry, about time I wrote one ;)

I've been working on a new image for the last couple of days. It's going to be quite different from what I used to make and I hope you'll like it.

I will finish it soon and post it here, so be on the lookout :)

That's it for now, thx for the nice comments everybody