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Watchers 002

The second one (there's one left) in a series of little experiments, again some painted parts, a bit of 3d and of course photography, hope you'll like it ;)
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Etrange, bizarre et très réussi
tegorud's avatar
- this is brilliant work!

xore's avatar
Awesome!! :+fav:
brandowilly's avatar
thats so freaky!!! i love your work!
rohrmuller's avatar
... just as I thought... also worth a :+fav:

I very much doubt I'll be dissappointed in the other one...

Only one way to find out... ;)
lofijunkie's avatar
that shit is seamless ..
good execution ...
going to check out your other pieces in this series...
kixxster's avatar
Crazy, and so awesome
killahshakur's avatar
bugged out. love it.
tdesign's avatar
legend:) all 3 of them was soo good.
banxter's avatar
These are so scary :O

Loved them in TR, and still love 'em!

fantasio's avatar
don´t know what i can say more than i ´m glad you´re back and kick asses!


this is one strange bird..
and into the fave list!!!!

githzerai's avatar
Seamlessly blended, I can't even tell which sections were 3D work, very impressive (and freaky) ;)
livingindarkness's avatar
Beautiful. I love it. :+fav:
bayot's avatar
that creature just disturbed me.. wow.. amazing work :clap:
phantompain's avatar
is it me or does the eye looks like some sort of vagina?

i dunno :confused:
La-Lou's avatar
The fact that I feel sick when I look at this is great
phisch2222's avatar
Like i have said befor, I love how you use many differnt styles to make you own, very well done. I love the textures of your work...a lot. :+fav:
satirick's avatar
great work, strange but cool! well done
Mohawkeman's avatar
Now that is interestingly wierd! Great work
megl's avatar
Larkie - just discovered your gallery - very good stuff in there! I like your absurd style

This one is absolutely gorgeous!
zedka's avatar
Very good work as usual, ur world is awesome, and it kinda reminds me the artworks of pepe bradock done by Numéro six...
Totally fucked up, totally interesting... :)
nothing-less's avatar
reminds me of Thanksgiving..O.O
jmanx's avatar
Oooh, another great piece, I like this series. This bird-like creature is definitely a perfect addition to the "watchers" world you've created. Excellent job on the the combination of the different mediums. The bone structure, while seemingly all out of place and misshapen, fits perfectly for the creature, as if that it's on it's way through a change from one creature to another. The skin work on this is amazing, all the details done so well; the bumps, the imperfections, the folds, and the way it streches (and tears at the wound) make it add to the realism. The beak and head are very interesting, because there's no breaks in the skin other than the eye (which is too dark to see) make it seem like the real beak and head are concealed underneath the skin, which is a really freaky aspect to this disturbing creature. As always, I love the amount of time and work that goes into the backgrounds too, the ground and lower wall behind the creature are dead on for what could be any dark lit alley with brick walls that have been plastered over like a mexican adobe building. This whole piece makes this creature seem even more real than the last, I swear you could manip this into an actual photo of some alley and it would appear to really be there, or even more nightmarish, you could see this as you walked down the wrong back alley some night. I can't wait for the third in the series.
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